Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is The Drive For Success Stealing Your Joy? Part Three by Rita A. Schulte

Rita A. Schulte
Last week Rita shared with us how our beliefs can ruin our joy. Today she helps us change our perspective so we can reclaim our joy again. I hope you've enjoyed this series. ~ Angie

Looking through a different lens 

Solomon was a wise man. In the book of Ecclesiastes he poses a powerful question, “What does man gain from all his labor at which he toils under the sun?” Some people read this book and think it’s depressing and filled with ancient philosophies. I would argue that it’s extremely relevant for today because it examines what people believed, and how those beliefs impacted how they viewed life.

Solomon was a searcher. His searching mind examined life to see what was behind people’s motives. He received fame and became greater than all who went before him. He obsessed about success and every worldly pursuit. His conclusion: “Vanity of vanities.” This word means “emptiness, futility, or meaninglessness.” Solomon decided there was only momentary pleasure for all his toil, and each time he repeated it, he got less enjoyment from it.

Solomon counted the cost for success and concluded that nothing would satisfy. No amount of fame, fortune or pleasure. We too must ask ourselves if all the “chasing after the wind” will ultimately satisfy our souls. The point of Ecclesiastes is that God intends for us to have joy, but real joy comes from the hand of God and begins with accepting that He is in charge no matter what circumstances or disappointments we face. When we understand that, we can view rejection through a different lens, one that assures us that God is still up to something even though we’ve been let down.

When we look through the lens of possibilities we can change or modify our beliefs about success and failure. Here are a few discouragement busters to consider:
  • Focus on the bigger picture 
  • Watch for negative self talk 
  • Place your faith in God not in your circumstances 
  • Cultivate gratefulness 
What disappointments are you facing today? What beliefs are robbing you of the joy that is already yours in Christ? Begin today to cultivate an attitude of gratefulness by refusing to let the drive for success steal your joy. Thank God that he has gifted you as a storyteller---then sit back and enjoy the journey!
About the Author
Rita A. Schulte is a licensed professional counselor in the Northern Virginia/DC area. She is the host of Heartline Podcast and Consider This. Her shows can be heard on 90.9FM in Lynchburg, Va. and 90.5 FM in NC, and on BlogTalk Radio, and the Womens Radio Network.

Rita writes for numerous publications and blogs. Her articles have appeared in Counseling Today Magazine, Thriving Family Magazine, Kyria and Living Better at 50. Her book on moving through the losses of life will be released in 2013. Follow her atwww.ritaschulte.com, on FB at http://www.facebook.com/RitaASchulte and twitter @heartlinepod. Her blog, Life Talk Today is www.ritaschulte.com/blog.