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The Virtuous Inspirational Writer by Shirley Kiger Connolly

Authors pen nonfiction articles and books. Some create stories filled with adventure, romance, mystery, suspense, or science fiction. As writers who write Christian material, we also desire to inspire and encourage our readers. We strive to give them hope and a yearning to draw closer to God. But how do we do that? Enjoy what author Shirley Kiger Connolly has to say about being an inspirational writer. ~ Dawn

The Virtuous Inspirational Writer
by Shirley Kiger Connolly

Would you say you're the kind of writer who wishes she could instill the knowledge she has gained in the Lord to the people she meets? How about to the world around her, to the people she loves, to the heroine she writes about?

That's the woman who decides to take God with her to every page of her manuscript.

A woman of inspiration is an encourager. She takes the time to sit at the Master’s feet, to learn of Him all she can (while continuing to hunger for more). She knows only then can she return to her computer with the confidence that God’s Spirit will go before her and shine through every word she writes on each page…through her voice, through her actions, through her deepest thoughts, through her emotions. Is that how you best instill God with your inspirational writing?

It is how we live as Virtuous Women…that woman with the strength of Gibraltar. You know her. She's you. Isn't she?

I see the inspirational-virtuous woman as devoted, unselfish, domesticated, not easily taken in by the world. Her heart seeks to be kind -- her eyes are far-seeing. She lives not to herself, nor does she seek to gain the kind of glory the world pursues. She lives beyond the little circle she's made for herself or her particular world, because she first chooses to live for the Lord who has chosen her lot whatever that may be. Perhaps she's not wonderfully successful to some, or maybe she is in the eyes of many, but to her it doesn’t matter. This is the virtuous woman the wise man in the 31st chapter of Proverbs spoke in detail about.

Is this you?

I love the virtuous woman, and want to be like her in every way. Her words come forth softly, yet she is able to get the point across. She can stop an argument with a single word or action. She beams about all that is good and right. She's not headstrong, selfish; but humble and respectful, dutiful and full of affection. Wisdom, we discover, is this woman's common speech because she rejects idle gossip. She is known by most as an encourager of good not evil. 

Put yourself in her slippers, if you will. Think seriously about that woman of virtue every time you sit at your computer to write. Think about how she would come forth in the creation of her stories. Consider how she will respond to life, how others will see her in her home, in the ministry God gives her, while she's on the job, with her children…even while she's at rest.

Everything about her is wrapped up like a Christmas or New Year's package filled with love and honor to God, because she worships Him first and foremost. Because her workload doesn’t become too heavy and long that she has little strength to find that balance she needs to remain an inspiration to others.

That's the kind of woman who decides to take God with her to every page and in whatever she does. Is that you?

What is your foundation as you write?

Award-winning author Shirley Kiger Connolly majored in English and Journalism, then later became a graduate of Institute of Children’s Literature. Shirley enjoys penning historical fiction romances and nonfiction books of reflections. Shirley also teaches Koinonia women’s bible studies and speaks at women's retreats. On the side, Shirley loves designing her home and rearranging her furniture, cross-stitching and doing needlework, or watching old TCM movies. If she's not reading, researching, or working on her next book in her Decisions series, scheduled to release in October 2012, Shirley is singing or spending time with her chickens, dogs, and cats. She’s excited about her December free novella release, Tears of Two, a prequel to her recent August release, Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Decisions Book One)  Both are both available at Desert Breeze Publishing now. All her books can also be found at any online bookstores. An active member of American Christian Fiction Writers; Shirley is also with Hearts through History Chapter of Romance Writers of America; and last but not least Faith-Hope-Love, RWA.

NOTE: Tears of Two is a FREE novella.

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  1. Happy New Year. This is a great way to start a new year and think about why we write. I'm glad I took the time to come by here.
    Janice Ian

  2. Good to have you, Janice. Thanks for reading! And thanks for the inspiration, Shirley! I love the cover of your book. I'm impressed every time I see it. :D

  3. Thanks to Janice and to you, Annette. It's good to consider why we really write, isn't it. And Annette, I, too, love the cover of my new book. Now, to get the people to READ it. LOL
    Blessings all,

  4. Thanks for your uplifting devotion. It spoke to my heart this afternoon.
    Diane Carver


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