Tuesday, January 3, 2012

After the Glitter, Get Inspired by Dianne Christner

When the glitter settles, I often discover that my creativity has gravitated from the work place to family, friends, and holiday festivities. In other words, it goes into play mode. Christmas can leave me feeling unmotivated to return to the hard task of writing. When this happens, a pep talk is in order to remind the creative side of my brain that it loves writing.  I find it helpful to think about a time when I was able to produce and convince myself that I’m capable of doing so again. I try to focus on the positive and not entertain negative thoughts or lingering distractions so that I can prepare the way for my inner writer to quicken.
I know that I must allow the left side of my brain (the logical or analytical side) to provide a safe uncluttered place for my creative right side to emerge.
In other words, I clean up the glitter. For me, it’s getting my hair done, putting away the Christmas decorations, and cleaning off my desk and workspace. I organize my desk and schedule and make necessary adjustments to reincorporate my writing time. I order a calendar for the upcoming year. I often need to re-prioritize my writing goals and ask, “What is my next step? What day and time will I begin?” I allow my left side to formulate a plan for my inner writer, rather like one friend spurring another to do something great.
With the glitter removed, I coax my right side to get back to my fiction writing.
 I stoke the dim flickering desire by intentionally doing things that heat up the inspiration. I may read a book on writing, go to a writing blog, or connect with another writer. I dig out the inspirational quotes. If I’m lazy, I may read a novel or two. I think about my readers.
When my motivation intensifies, I know it’s time to get started.
Even if it doesn’t, when the designated appointment time arrives, I sit at my desk. It feels familiar like I’m coming home again. I begin by reading what I last wrote or looking over my plot outline.  When my creative mind knows I mean business, it will emerge–sometimes slow and sulky and other times eager and crashing through the gates. My lips quirk into a smile and my fingers glide over the keyboard. It may feel rusty, but I know this isn’t the time for me to worry about perfection, but just be thankful that I’m writing again.
How do you go from glitter to inspired?

Dianne lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where life sizzles, at least in the summer when temperatures soar above 100 degrees. Before writing, Dianne balanced a career of office management with raising a family and serving the Lord in her local church.
She has been married for thirty-nine years. Dianne and Jim have two married children, Mike and Rachel, and five grandchildren.
With several historical fictions to her credit, she hopes you enjoy her new contemporary series - The Plain City Bridesmaids. If you want to learn more about Dianne's writing and personal life, visit her blog. She loves interacting with her readers.


  1. Those are great ideas. Thanks to you, I've re-ordered my calendar and set-up my morning routine so that I get a verse of the day and a thought of the day from my daily reading. That way, when I get discouraged or if my mind goes blank, I can focus on one of those to get me back into my writing.

    (Since I got to read your blog post early, I put it into action last week. It's really worked, too! Thanks for the suggestion.)

  2. Wow! It’s nice to know that others experience the same thing I’m going through now. I’ve been feeling guilty about not writing one word these past several weeks. I’ve not even had one creative thought pertaining to writing. My personal blog hasn’t been updated in several weeks.

    But all the decorations and glitter have been packed away. My office is clean. I’ve purged business and personal files—and gathered receipts and spreadsheets for personal and business taxes. So, all that non-fun “stuff” is out of the way and isn’t plaguing my thoughts. I've also been reading good novels, which has been inspiring. I guess I’ve been productive in other ways—preparing for creativity to resurface. Time to dive in! ;-)

  3. Thanks Angie and Dawn. It feels good to connect with like minds. I've spent the morning going through my overflowing inbox and putting my "to do" list in order. Oh yeah, filing those Christmas receipts I had hidden. Now I feel the urge to get started on my new writing project. So I'm committing here, as you all are my witnesses, setting my back-to-writing appointment for Friday morning, January 7.

  4. Love your ideas on getting organized and your thoughts ready for another year. Thanks, enjoyed reading this post. Very encouraging and insightful.


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