Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anticipation, Expectation, and a Little Faith

We recently finished celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Trees have been taken down, decorations have been packed away—and bathroom scales have been put back in view. 

What comes next? Have you made a list of goals you want to accomplish this year? Do they include eating healthy, losing weight, getting fit, becoming more organized, and finding a better balance in your life? Many of us strive to be successful at those goals. 

Have you also thought about what you want to accomplish in your writing journeys? You know … the milestones you want to reach. Without having a known destination, you’ll never get there.

It’s helpful to have a plan, or even an idea, of what we want the writing year to look like. However, we can get so wrapped up with what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it, that we forget we’re not alone. No matter how much we try to make things happen by hard work, will, and determination, God is still calling the shots. But while he leads, he also desires that we ask for direction so that we don’t get lost, wandering down a path we shouldn’t be treading on.

What if God has great plans for us? What if accepting his lead takes us on a much lovelier road with extraordinary scenery, refreshing water, and nourishing food  along the way?  

The children in the photo have faces filled with anticipation of diving into that platter of ice cream. Do you remember how excited you were as a child for Christmas and birthdays? You looked forward to finally opening your gifts and seeing what cool things were chosen specifically for you. If you’re a parent, you waited with expectation at the birth of your child. But there may have also been some fear as you wondered how you were going to handle parenthood. 

To anticipate means to look forward to something. We’re excited, hopeful, and eager about something that is going to happen. We expect it to happen.

If we expect something to happen, we confidently believe it will happen. We have faith.

When we have faith, we believe or trust in something or someone without proof.

Anticipation and expectation bring excitement into our lives. 

As we begin a new year, let us be filled with anticipation, expectation, and faith that God will do wonderful and great things in our personal and professional lives. Let’s leap into 2012 without fear, knowing that God leads the way and has the journey mapped out for us.

~ Dawn


  1. A breath of fresh air, Dawn, thanks! I forget to look forward to things.


  2. Thanks, Voni! Let's both be excited for what God may bring our way. :-D


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