Monday, June 13, 2011

Mixing it Up Mondays

Hey readers, your hostesses are in the process of making some changes here at Seriously Write. Last week we asked for feedback on what you'd like to see. (Feel free to still chime in on that.) This week, Ocieanna Fleiss is gearing up for her return and would like your questions.

What have you wanted to know about writing (writing craft, editing, etc.), but you haven't found the answer? Here's your chance to have Ocieanna address it. She's published with Summerside, so if you have questions about publishing, ask away! Soon, she'll launch her Ask-O day here on Seriously Write and your question could be first. Leave comments here throughout June to participate.

Ocieanna has edited multiple manuscripts and has contributed writing articles to NCWA's author newsletter for years. Her insightful way of addressing writing questions is both humorous and useful. She's the ideal critique partner because she gets the writing process from both the writing and the editing perspective. That makes a great coach.

Other changes are coming, including contest info. Stay tuned to Mondays in June for more.

Thanks, dear readers!

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