Monday, March 21, 2011

Writing for a Wife's Heart by Janet Chester Bly

Today we welcome Janet Chester Bly again as she continues her series on writing for a woman's heart. All month, I've appreciated how open Janet is and how her advice will help writers minister to our readers. Read on!

Writing for a Wife's Heart*
by Janet Chester Bly

Married four years with two sons, I didn’t have a clue how to be a mother or wife. That inadequacy drove me to seek God. Did He exist? If He did, would He would help me in these, my most critical life needs? What I and hubby Stephen learned about our relationship after coming to Christ became part of our book: Be Your Mate’s Best Friend.**

How do you write for a wife’s heart?

First, tally your writer’s template.
What are your marriage experiences? Much has already been written. You must find fresh slants on doing marriage, the ultimate invasion of privacy. What unique insight have you learned that will touch a reader’s heart and catch an editor’s eye?

Second, who is your reader?
Do a profile. What does your reader feel desperate about? Determine her season of life. What’s the status of her marriage? How old is she? What are her prime issues?

What will you say to her?
Tackle her passions. What needs can you address?
According to a poll done by CNN/Time, the following challenges dominate women in general, in order of importance—equal pay, day care, rape, maternity leave at work, job discrimination, abortion, sexual freedom.

Other problems include. . .
Aging and its many facets. Staying sexually attractive. Handling temptations.
Dealing with anger, jealousy, money, food, or pride.

Touch Up Your Style
Sublime versus earthy. Pithy or complex. Serious or comedic. Determine the approach for how you’ll handle the tough and touchy stuff. Check your attitude–-do you recognize every couple’s different? Are you leaving space for grace?

Keep up with social change. Discern the changing moods of our society. Now, interface the real world with the eternal truth of the Bible in a way your reader will respond to. That’s your biggest challenge.


Janet Chester Bly has authored 12 books, plus co-authored 18 more with husband Stephen, including two husband & wife cozy mystery series, The Hidden West Series and The Carson City Chronicles, available at

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