Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Giving Back Series, Part One: Volunteering

Giving Back Series
Net's Notations Tuesdays

Last month we spoke of gathering tools and being dedicated students of writing craft. We’ve been recipients, and of course, to some extent, that will continue. This month, let’s discuss giving back.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever volunteered—in any capacity: church nursery, food pantry, feeding the homeless, ministries at church. Doesn’t it feel good to help others? Absolutely! One way we stay refreshed as Christians is through serving.

Now, raise your hand if you belong to a writer’s group. Perhaps you could volunteer to serve on the board, or begin a new local group, as an extension of that national group. What if your time is limited? Perhaps you could go early to the meeting and help set up, or stay a tad later and help with tear down. Perhaps you could volunteer to write a newsletter or edit the group’s brochure.

Ask yourself: where can I volunteer to share my writing skills, or even do manual labor as needed for meetings? One group I belonged to needed someone to head up the refreshments table. That's another option.

In late February, ACFW board met in preparation for their annual conference. These committed volunteers are giving their time as well as their expertise, to help other writers.

How can you give your time or your expertise? As we plant seeds in our writing lives, we're investing in our future. God promises we will reap in due season if we don't give up. Where are you planting seeds?

God both asks us to be servants, and rewards those who serve. How will you practice giving back this year?

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