Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giving Back Series, Part Five: Writing Freebie Articles

Writing Freebie Articles
Giving Back Series
Net's Notations Tuesdays

Here’s a fun topic for our Giving Back series: writing articles for blogs, (like Seriously Write *wink*) for "free." Our guests have been so gracious over the past couple of years, offering their wisdom and insight, their encouragement and personal stories, all without monetary compensation. Thank you!

(If you haven’t written for us and would like to, please let Dawn or me know. We’re always scheduling new guests.)

Okay, now back from our commercial…

I remember the first time one of my articles was accepted for publication. What a day! And then came the moment I learned I’d get paid for something I wrote. Whew, we’re a professional now. *grin* But what about the markets you won’t get paid to submit to? Are they worth your time? Probably. Here’s why:

1) PROMOTION: Your name and book(s)/work are promoted. (This is a big benefit of writing for Seriously Write. Lots of our guests time their posts around new releases.)
2) PROMOTION: You get to work with varied markets. (Hey, that’s about promotion too.)
3) EXPERIENCE: You gain experience and another bullet point on your byline/resume.
4) ESTABLISH: Even if you aren’t published in book length, you establish a name for yourself while you work toward publication. Article/devotional submission is a fantastic way to get started in the industry. (Carla Williams, then president of NCWA taught me that. Still so thankful for her wisdom.)

So, even in our efforts to give back to writers by sharing our hard-earned wisdom or experience, we receive benefits. It’s a win-win.

You won’t always be able to see the results, but whenever you give back, God marks His tally sheet. You’re planting a seed; you’re helping other writers; you’re making a difference. Hear this: no investment in your writing life is wasted.

So, share your expertise and trust God with the dividends. He’s watching your account as you give back.

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