Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Commit Your Writing to God

Commit Your Writing to God
New Commitments Series
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Hey readers, Annette here. My husband and I attended a wedding in mid-November. Ahh… commitment. Here at Seriously Write, we’re winding down our series on new commitments. This week let’s discuss committing (or recommitting) our writing to God.

When you started out (how long ago was that now? *grin*), you probably responded joyfully to the call to write and easily, heartily committed your writing life to God. Then, as you waited to meet with your dream agent at a conference you recommitted. (Stress’ll do that do you.) Then, as you waited to hear back from that submission you sent in, you fasted, prayed, and re-recommitted. (I know I’m not the only one.) Well, whether you’re now working on your dream project with your dream team or not, it may be time to recommit your writing to God.

Here are some areas where this applies:

Recommitting our writing lives – the call to write affects every part of our lives. Can I hear an amen? For better or worse, we’re like Jane Austen was depicted in the movie Jane. She’s meeting her potential mother-in-law and is suddenly inspired. She steps away from the others, plunks down and commences to scribble. The mother-in-law wannabe is appalled. “What is she doing?”


“Can anything be done about it?!”

Indeed. Nope. Sorry. Had to chuckle at that line because that’s exactly how it is. You know it, too, don’t you? So, as we’re pursuing God and His calling for our lives, we’ll need His help to balance everything. If things have shifted or slipped, perhaps it’s time to recommit your writing life to Him.

Recommitting the written words – I recall a few instances where I was writing along and certain scenarios popped into my mind which didn’t pass through my filter. We should definitely include trouble in our stories (for you fiction writers), but I don’t believe we should include troublesome material—like scenarios that do not glorify God (or will not, eventually); words which do not honor Him; or a spirit which doesn’t glorify Him. Of course, this is subjective. So here’s how you know: seek God in humility and let Him guide you. Commit your written words to Him.

Recommitting our writing goals – we can set all the goals we want, but if God’s not in them, we’ll run up against a wall again and again. Commit your writing goals to God. Pray over them. Partner with God to set them and then trust Him to help you make them. He wants you to succeed!

This list challenges me. How about you? But the holidays are a great time to take stock and recommit, don’t you think? That way, come the new year, you’re ready to dive right in with all the courage and joy that comes in knowing God is in the middle of your writing life.