Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Net's Notations Tuesdays
New Commitment Series

If I could find one, I’d put a scroll-work decoration above our fireplace which would read: Believe. And I may just leave it up all year. Believing is a theme in my life as a Christian.

I’ve been challenged in my writing life where believing is concerned. If I didn’t believe I’d make it as a writer, I’d have ditched the whole thing by now. If I didn’t believe in my God-given dreams, I’d have bailed out of this boat by now. Writers don’t tend to make a good hourly wage, ya know? *grin*

But I can’t help it. I love writing! From that first spark in junior high ‘til now, I’m committed.

‘Tis the season for believing. Here’s how we can apply the word believe to our writing:

Believe you’re going somewhere. God has you on your own individualized writing and publishing path. Don’t compare yourself to others, just trust His work as you move forward. And if there are days when all you can do is face forward in hope—do it!

Believe He’ll use you. God has a plan for you and your writing. If He’s called you to this, He means to use you. Follow Him. Wait on Him. Believe in His goodness through all the rejections and trials. There’s no greater joy than being used by God.

Believe He’ll reward you in time. Hours and hours and years and years at the computer keyboard. Loads of words. Pages of manuscripts. Piles of empty ink cartridges. He sees your sacrifices and calls you to persevere. He will reward you. Laboring for the Lord is never in vain.

Believe good things will happen. You will have your breakthrough. You will see your dreams come true if you don’t give up. Hang in there. God-given dreams buried in a heart sold out to God are powerful.

This Christmas season . . . Believe.