Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Worshipful Writers Series II: "I Could Write A Book"

"I Could Write A Book"
Worshipful Writers Series: Part Two
Net's Notations Tuesdays

Your marvelous doings are headline news;
I could write a book full of the details of your greatness. (Psalm 145:6 MSG)

“Write what you know.” We’ve all heard the phrase and applied it to our writing. Not only is this easier than including something we don’t understand, it’s wisdom because the words will have a greater impact on the reader. There’s conviction behind your words because you know they’re true. And readers will discern you're truly relating with them.

Recently, a fellow critique partner brought her first chapter with a synopsis for us to review. One of her scenes—of a father abandoning his daughter—broke my heart. Though this writer had not actually experienced abandonment by her own father, she did understand a little girls’ heart for her daddy. I just about burst into tears there at McDonalds.

So, think about what God has done for you.

On Easter Sunday our worship team performed a special entitled “Believe.” One of the phrases in the song is “Take a look at all the places where He’s brought you from. It’s the impossible. Believe it’s possible.” I interpret that to mean: look at what God’s done in your life. He has done the impossible, brought you from where you were to where you are. Believe Him to do the same going forward. He’s already done the impossible, believe the future is possible in Him. When I consider what God has done for me, I’m filled with praises. Worship becomes fresh because I am so grateful and so amazed at His power and goodness, His love and favor.

We will minister to hearts by including that understanding in our writing. You’ve been there. You’ve felt that pain. God pursued you, took your hand, brought you out. Now you can help others rise.

Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, you have a message because of your testimony and what God’s done for you. Writing around that testimony will minister to people. It will elicit worship from you and the reader toward God.

Including your testimony in your writing is another way you serve God as a worshipful writer.


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