Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Fruits: Joy

Author's Character Series
February Fruits: Joy
Net's Notation Tuesdays

And we write these things to you so that your joy may be full.
(1 John 1:4)

Isn’t that a beautiful verse? It speaks to us as Christian writers.

Today’s fruit is joy.

First, though, I have to say that I don’t believe that verse is speaking about always writing happy, happy words. Rather, it’s about endorsing joy because we write for God. Does the verse mean the story can’t delve into tough places before ending with hope? Nope. It means we offer something the world doesn’t—hope. And hope brings joy.

We can’t impart joy, without having a firm grip on gladness ourselves. As God’s authors, we have joy inside us from past experience:

Joy overcame during tough seasons.

Joy displayed despite tough times.

Joy because you believed God when all circumstances implied otherwise.

And as His authors, we’re called to share this with our readers.

Let’s get practical.

I believe joy comes from insights.

As you spend time in God’s Word, He gives you insights about His character, His plans. Ever opened to a page of the Bible where the verses spoke directly to your situation? And not only did the verses address that situation, they offered direction or a promise. Those times bring joy.

In a smaller way, (of course), as your readers devour your books (non-fiction or fiction), may the insights you unfold bless them with joy. May they bring breakthroughs in your readers’ thinking and mindsets. May those insights point with praise to God, so all may rejoice, so their joy may be full.

Let’s embrace (risk?) joy. God’s kingdom is unshakable. We can rejoice because this isn’t all there is. We will see Him. We can point others to Him. He puts His joy inside us, and we bear fruit. Joy is a part of the author’s character.

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