Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Author's Character Series - No Easier Roads

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The Author's Character

No Easier Roads

I don’t write historicals (yet—never say never in fiction writing). Why? I’d rather avoid the extra research involved. You can’t even write about people having a normal conversation without painting the setting (research), using the correct wording (research), and considering the clothing (research). What should be simple becomes so much more complicated because of the extra legwork involved.

Oftentimes I’m tempted to take the easy way out. Like while writing a recent Author’s Character post, I used a word I wasn’t 100% sure of the meaning on. Then the temptation—just choose another word or use it anyway, who’s gonna notice? Am I the only one to take the easy way out in the past? ;-) Not anymore!

I recently launched an editing business. How many of you know if you’re serious about editing you can’t avoid the tough stuff?! So, welcome to the world of intentional and in-depth use of the CMS (Chicago Manual of Style). As a writer, I think (and sometimes rightly so) “The editor will apply what fits her house. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Write a good story!” But as an editor myself, the tables have turned! Like with acquiring all your awesome pieces for this site. Dawn and I get to be the editors—read it through one more time. Make sure it reads smoothly. The other side of the desk, but necessary to grow as a writer and, as God would have it, as a person.

So, are there areas where you’re just getting by? Areas you’d rather not go through the extra steps to ensure you’ve got the right info, the right words, etc.? I’m feeling the challenge of God lately to stay on the difficult road. That’s what makes a mature writer, a mature person. Going through the tough stuff, the stuff we’d rather avoid. After all, He's working on the author's character.