Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Author's Character Series - Faithfulness

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Author's Character Series


Those who are faithful with little, will be given more.

I’ve had one book published for a while now and hope to be in contract again very soon with another. But it’s been a long wait. Not for lack of trying, mind you. ;-) I have many projects. Can you relate?

Before that first book was accepted by White Rose Publishing (then a division of Wild Rose), I remember writing the story. I always spend Christmas seasons reading Christmas books. Love to match up the read with the seasonal joys around me. I can really sink myself into the stories and enjoy them. So, as I was reading novella after novella that year, I remember beginning to form a story idea of my own. I’d been writing for several years, so it was logical to just begin writing.

So I did.

After the story had come together, I began to seek publication. I thought, “The house which published all these novellas I’m reading would be a great place to start.”

Problem—I’d written a story of a married couple finding their romance together again. The house I’d targeted didn’t publish novellas around marrieds romance. So I gave up. For a season.

About a year later, God began stirring that story up again. I’d moved on. I was working on a trilogy and other novellas. But God wanted me to bring that story back out, polish it up and keep hope burning that He’d show me where to go.

Through networking I discovered a new house which had launched with a wide open door for writers. And after I submitted my story, they wanted it! Love Letters had a home!

And since that time God’s been teaching me so much about the process and how to be faithful with what He gives me.

First, not to despise small beginnings. It all began so much earlier with articles and devotionals published elsewhere, but in terms of books, my publication road started here for me.

Second, to be faithful with this “little” thing so He can grant larger things. Jesus talked about that in Matthew, chapter twenty-five.

"His lord said to him,‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’ ” Mt 25:21

That meant, market this story. Try things out. Get out there. Participate in booksignings. Be faithful to promote and honor this story God had given me.

Of course, we can’t be faithful without God’s help. Thankfully, He covenants with us in faithfulness (both His that He extends toward us, but also the grace to make us faithful). (See Hosea 2:16-19)

Faithfulness is a sign of a refined author’s character. How has He worked in your writing life around faithfulness?