Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Author's Character Series - Integrity

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The Author's Character Series

Who are you when no one’s looking? Would a “fly on the wall” recognize you by your deeds? Do you have a separate public persona from your private one? Does your family know a different you than say, attendees at a writer’s conference?

One of the broadest areas God highlights in our writing lives/careers is integrity.

We pray and work toward breakthroughs. Then, a contract! We meet the deadlines, learn the ropes, climb the ladder. But here’s a question: are we skipping steps we’d rather omit? Are we avoiding areas we’d rather not face? Careful, no evasion of tough stuff allowed.

That brings up a point: Tax time is coming with this new year. God wants us to be honest in our reporting. (That’s a touchy topic, I can sense it. I’m gonna leave that at that.) :-)

So, the business side of writing requires integrity. How about the writing side? Say we discuss a project with one house, but think we’ll find a sweeter deal with another. Oh, boy. Did you see that? A tempting side path just appeared. Looks all sunny and friendly now, but if you venture down there you may just run into briers and trolls.

God wants us to be people of integrity, glorifying His name, trusting Him and obeying His guidance. Watch what He’ll do when we follow through and remain people of integrity. He will honor those who honor Him, whose character matches up with the ultimate Author’s character.