Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thursdays - Devotions for Writers

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.”
(Psalm 100: 4 NIV)


This Thanksgiving Day we’re filled with gratitude for the many blessings in our lives.

Thank you for . . .

Husbands and wives who believe in us and our dreams.

Patient children, who at times must wait for our attention.

Friends who support a passion they don’t always understand.

Critique groups who provide encouragement and honest feedback.

Mentors who teach and help guide us.

Agents who look out for our best interest.

Editors who assist in taking our work to a higher level.

Good health while struggling to meet deadlines.

Writer friends who understand us, as only other writers can.

And Lord, thank you also for . . .

The gift of imagination.

Characters who breathe, live, and grow on the page.

Plot solutions that arrive in the middle of the night.

The ability to give hope and inspiration through story.

The privilege to share Your love and forgiveness through our words.


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