Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creative Best Series - Part Four

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Creative Best - Part Four

Today we’re looking at the third line of Galatians 6:4 from The Message:

Make a careful exploration of who you are
and the work you have been given
and then sink yourself into that

It’s time to lose yourself in your calling. Once you know what you’re called to do, God gives you permission to lose yourself in that calling. To become immersed. Learn everything you need to learn. Commit to being successful. Put aside other things which are hindering your full pursuit.

God has been pruning me lately. Leading me to cut back on areas that aren’t profitable in my life right now (speaking of activities, not income). He is determined that my time be used wisely. And He knows if I am stretching my limbs to work on too many things at once I will be moderately helpful in those areas, but never truly successful at any one of them. So, it’s a season of prioritizing, even risking people’s disapproval. But when God begins pruning your activities, it’s best to learn how to humbly say no to those asking you to take on more and get back to what’s highest on His priority list.

So what can stop you from sinking yourself into your calling? What can act as unwelcome buoys?

Doubt. “I thought I knew how to write. Judging by this chapter, I was wrong!”

. Setting up materials at a book signing with a fellow author who is bestselling and award-winning, thoughts come: “Who do you think you are?”

Both of these can keep you from sinking yourself into your calling to write.

Let go.

God knows your dreams. He called you. In fact, the closer you’ve gotten to the Lord, the more His aspirations for your life have become your own (Psalm 37:4). Let go of your own hold and let yourself sink into His perfect plan. Let go of control and striving. To turn our analogy a bit, did you know that the best way to float on water is to let go? You go limp, letting your legs rise. If you strive to float, you’ll tighten up and sink. So, to get where you want to go, let go. Give your dreams, your calling, your writing to God. Let Him make of it what He will. Let yourself sink into His plans. Don’t panic. Just relax into God’s purposes.

Give yourself permission to sink into the calling, the work, God has given you. No more excuses. And no more guilt.

To be your creative best, sink in!

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