Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Creative Best Series - Part Seven

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Creative Best Series - Part Seven

Today we'll explore the next line in Galatians 6:4 from The Message:

Each of you must take responsibility

Has God called you to be a writer? To share His message? Then, you’ve been mantled with a responsibility. This calling isn’t a hobby we can “get to when we want.” The Lord calls us to take is seriously. But check out the sometimes fun responsibilities we have as writers:

~ Feed your creativity. What inspires you? Movies? Reading? A walk on a wintry day? Take the time to do that. This is your responsibility. No one else 1) knows when your creativity needs refreshing and 2) can refresh your creativity for you. But what fun! Enjoy this one.

~ Know your craft. There are so many “no-no’s” in writing. Sometimes so much so that it feels as if our words are stifled in the telling of our tales. After we know the rules, when we’ve proven yourselves, we can break the rules. But we have to prove competence first. Get your hands on the books and tools that will work for you. We can’t skimp on this responsibility.

~ Read your genre. We have to know our genre(s) well enough to determine if we’re meeting readers’ expectations. They pick up a Christian fantasy, you want to give them what they want. It’s your responsibility to know your genre. Reading as much as you can in your genre will help you know it.

~ Know what’s out there. Reading in your genre will also make you aware of what’s out there. When you’re assembling your proposal, you’ll need this information in the market comparison section. If you’ve read the books mentioned you’ll be able to compare your work with them intelligibly rather than relying on summaries.

~ Commune with God so you’ll have something to give your readers. Your relationship with God needs tending, like a garden. We can’t get so busy with our to-do lists we neglect spending one-to-one time with the Lord. As writers (just like in any position in the body of Christ) we must serve from our overflow. It’s our responsibility to get into a position to be filled up, then as we sit down to write, we work from the overflow.

~ Love your reader. As Christian writers, we are ministers. The most effective ministers love their flock. Let’s be shepherds after God’s own heart, caring about our readers.

~ Pray for your reader. Part of loving our readers is praying for them. Who else will if we don’t? Ours is a unique perspective. The written word is powerful. God can use us to change lives. What a privilege. If we pray for our readers, we’ll better address those needs, point them in the right direction, encourage them, offer hope.

Called to be a writer? Write! If God asked you today if you’ve been responsible with your calling, taking it seriously, how would you answer? There’s grace, both to cover us in our weaknesses as well as to empower us for the future. Avail yourself of that grace.

Take responsibility to be your creative best!


  1. Annette,
    This series is excellent. I have enjoyed and appreciated every bit but especially today! I have even made paper copies for my notebook. Thank you so much. This is helpful and encouraging!

  2. Wendy, thank you for your kind comment. These posts challenge me, too, to be my creative best! We writers are in this together. :)


  3. Love this, Annette!

    Too often I feel guilty for taking time out to read for pleasure. This is another good reminder that it's not only okay, it's my responsibility.

    And remembering that our writing is also a ministry helps keep things in perspective, doesn't it?



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