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Writers are Warriors by Melanie Campbell

Melanie Campbell
Writers are warriors.

Maybe you haven’t thought of yourself as a warrior when you sit at your computer and start typing. But if you’re writing the stories God has called you to write, you can expect it to be a battle. It’s not the kind of battle you can prepare for by taking up karate or lifting weights at the gym (though those things may help with stress relief!). The battles we face are the kind the Bible tells us about in Ephesians 6:12:

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

My debut novel, One Woman Falling, took years of starting and stopping before I completed it. The story of a woman who flees an abusive marriage and fights for custody of her four-year-old daughter was based, in part, on my own experiences. My heroine’s longing to see waterfalls also came from my love of nature and how I hear from God when enveloped in the beauty of His creation. My hope in writing the story was for other women in the same situation to realize God is there for them, even if they feel utterly alone and afraid. For readers who had never been in an abusive situation, my hope was they would have a new insight into the plight of abused women and their struggles.

While my intention in writing was to illustrate God’s love and offer hope to others, I had no idea of the trials I would face and how they would challenge me in those principles during the process of putting words on paper. Old wounds were reopened. Daunting obstacles stood in my way. I wanted to quit. I’ve heard of similar situations from other writers: the journey of writing their first (and subsequent) novels was its own story, with multiple plot twists and a black moment.

While these obstacles may be the enemy’s attempt to discourage us, I believe most are allowed or orchestrated by our loving Father, who knows the areas inside our hearts that need healing. It may be tempting when faced with these trials to put our writing aside and come back to it when we are up to the task. There are times when hitting pause is the only option. Having gone through this, though, I believe we are to press on and keep writing. Our trials, our pain, and ultimately our healing, will come through in our writing, creating a genuine story filled with emotional depth . . . a story that can bring hope and healing to the one who reads it.

It’s how God uses writers. He calls us to the front lines of the battle and equips us with words and stories to break through the darkness.

Your turn: As a writer, have you felt like a warrior? What are some topics you’ve written about that challenged you, maybe even nudged you away from the keyboard for a while? How did you overcome?

Writers are Warriors by @MelanieJean_27


One Woman Falling
After an unexpected police visit, Cassie realizes the survival of her four-year-old daughter, Renee, depends on Cassie’s courage to leave. What she doesn’t plan on is Derrick’s vengeful custody fight.

While walking through the treacherous world of divorce, Cassie is encouraged by her spunky new friend, Missy Langdon, to pursue her love of waterfalls. Cassie finds solace in the waterfalls on the agonizing weekends she’s forced to hand Renee over to Derrick. Meanwhile, unexpected help comes in the form of Brian Sutton, an attorney at the firm where Cassie works—but what price will she ultimately pay for his assistance?

As Derrick’s threatening behavior escalates, Cassie questions her choices. How long will her daughter suffer before the custody case is resolved? Why is she drawn to waterfalls during this chaotic time? And who will stand with her when everything comes crashing down?


Melanie Campbell is a member of Oregon Christian Writers and ACFW. She wrote her first story when she was eight years old and has been in love with the power of storytelling ever since. She is also passionate about social issues and holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Oregon, which she obtained during her stint as a single-mom. She’s now married and lives in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley with her husband, their three children, and several spoiled pets. When not writing, she does the bookkeeping and other office work for her husband’s painting business, obsesses over the well-being of their three daughters, and cooks healthy meals. In the spring, you may find her hitting the trails to one of Oregon’s magnificent waterfalls.

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