Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Transforming Blow of a Rejection by Anna Putz

I'm excited to introduce a first time contributor to Seriously Write.

Anna Putz has a soulful story to share about her own writing journey and the transforming power of rejection. Much inspiration lies ahead!


I did it! I just hit the “send” button to the e-mail, delivering my first manuscript to the publisher. I spent the next two weeks eagerly waiting for a positive reply, convinced that since I have the calling and the talent to write, then it would be easy. I was confident in my abilities and excellence.

When I received the publisher’s negative response two weeks later, it hit me like a bomb. The rejection blasted my carefully constructed palace of expectations and plans of how my writing career would develop.

I needed time and God’s power to pick up and clear the debris of wrong assumptions, expectations and attitude.

In bits and pieces, God started to highlight some of my wrong beliefs.

The first was my extremely arrogant presumption that I already had what it takes and that everything I write is by default good and does not need perfecting. What I lacked was humility. I wanted to succeed without paying the price. I did not want that this cost me much.

Next, God gently showed me that I needed to adopt the attitude of a life-long learner. Once I did this, the burden of perfection lifted and opened the door for the fresh wind of enthusiasm to ignite again my passion. I decided that every day I would open myself to learn something new and put it into practice. Slowly under God’s leading, I started to develop new habits. I realized that God is training me in discipline, endurance and stamina. In addition to humility, these were the necessary qualities to fulfill my calling.

Writing for a living is more like a marathon, than a short sprint.

Not only my writing skills, but also my character and motivation needed transformation and adjustment. God was faithful to work diligently on both of these.

All hardships and trials I had encountered up to now, and all the losses, had been part of my preparation. They also gave me stories. Stories to write, stories to share.

Moreover, I realized the rejection was a tool to expose and purify my motives, to strengthen my real identity, and deepen my trust and dependence on God. The rejection of my work does not define who I am. Only my identity as an unconditionally loved child of God defines what I do and what I will do in terms of work and writing. Therefore, knowing where my value comes from, my soul could rest, strengthened against future rejections, failures and even successes.

In the hands of God, rejection is a highly effective tool to test our motivation and aspirations.

Why do we write? Is writing only a means to the end? Only a tool to obtain fame, wealth, recognition and significance? Do we want most of all to serve and honour God by pursuing the passion He placed in us?

I pray that we serve with pure hearts and pure words through which God will touch souls by bringing fresh insight and hope, life and transformation.

Writing for a living is more like a marathon, than a short sprint. #SeriouslyWrite @onthewaybg @MaryAFelkins

In God’s hands, rejection is part of our preparation. It is an effective tool to expose and purify our motivation, to refine our character and perfect our faith. #faith #writerslife #SeriouslyWrite @onthewaybg @MaryAFelkins

Anna Putz, alias Hadassah, is an aspiring writer working on her spiritual memoir, a Marketing and PR specialist, a blogger and a bilingual poet. She writes a blog to encourage and motivate the readers to keep moving in the journey of faith and to live a life of meaning and purpose. She is a Bulgarian living in Austria with her husband. She loves diving deeper in the Word of God. She enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

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