Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Diet of a Writer: What Feeds Us – Part I by Susan Tuttle

It’s springtime. Which means summer is coming. Which means the winter me needs to let go of a few pounds, and that had me thinking of diets. Can I just say it’s a hard time of year to think about dieting when chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs stare me down on each trip to…well, anywhere right now! Not. Easy.

Add to it that I’m also working on a new WIP. So my writing brain is needing to be fed. And as I was sitting with my bowl of chocolate eggs I began to think that as writers, we have our own diets that go beyond food even. So for my next few posts (1st Thursday of each month) I’m going to be talking about The Diet of a Writer: What Feeds Us.

Seeing as my brain was on chocolate, I thought I’d start there. When I write I struggle to not only maintain healthy meals for my family but healthy snacking habits. For me, my go-to snacks are chocolate, coffee, and cookies. Copious amounts of cookies. All types of cookies. I am an equal-opportunity cookie eater. I have recently tried to become healthier, however, as I do believe my body and brain work better when I attempt some modicum of health. So apples, sugar-snap peas, and hummus have made their appearance as well. I’m smiling. Really I amJ

What about you? What do you like to snack on when writing? Do you lean toward healthier treats or the sweet ones?  I’d love to hear your favorite choice!

Susan L. Tuttle lives in Michigan where she’s happily married to her best friend and is a homeschooling mom of three. She’s firmly convinced that letters were meant for words, not math, and loves stringing them together into stories that inspire, encourage, and grow women into who God created them to be. Romance, laughter, and cookies are three of her favorite things, though not always in that order. You can connect with Susan at her blog, Steps, Facebook, or Twitter.