Thursday, April 27, 2017


I’m often asked where I get my stories and the answer is always from life. So here is an example of how a story develops. Several years ago my husband and I were living in the Middle East for my husband’s work. One of our sons and his family were staying in our house to take care of it while were gone. Another of our sons needed to move so while they were in search of a larger house, they stayed at our house.  My sons are close so for the most part, things went smoothly until….

Our family dog had passed away the year before so my sons decided it was time for two new dogs. They hoped to train and raise them together. One son found a rescue dog. The other purchased his favorite breed, a husky. They thought since both animals were young they would be a good mix. My sons were wrong. 

They spent many hours watching “The Dog Whisperer” on TV to try to figure out why these two animals simply could not get along. I received countless emails about the drama. After about four months of a barrage of emails, I decided a dog whisperer would make a great hero for a story.

I was right. Justin Blakely from That Doggone Baby is an awesome character, a perfect antidote to the stressed out fashionista heroine, Jaci Meadows. But the real heroine of the story is a 200-pound malamute modeled after one of my brother’s favorite pets.

Miska was a huge malamute, playful, smart and intimidating when she wanted to be. We all adored her and I modeled Baby, the malamute in my story, after her. Of course Baby had some special help from a few of the Heart’s Haven angels (the location where the series is set) but for the most part she’s as sweet and complicated as the real dog.

While researching the story I was so impressed with the new ways they are training dogs to help with veterans. Those stories were amazing and since my mother had Alzheimer’s I wondered how that would work for patient’s suffering from that disease and voila…a story was born.

You’ll have to read the story to figure out how all those story lines connect. Oh, and the part where Baby wraps the leash around Jaci’s legs and knocks her down…that happened to me. So you see, living is my inspiration.

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That Doggone Baby blurb:

Everyone thinks they can push Jaci Meadows around: her family, her boss, even her full-grown Malamute, Baby. The dog reaches Jaci's shoulders, weighs more than the petite event planner, and has decided Jaci's designer shoes are a favorite toy. Justin Blakely understands dogs better than most people. It's clear to him Jaci Meadows can't handle her own life, let alone a two-hundred-pound Malamute ready to take on the world. Can one oversized Malamute and one very discerning dog whisperer help guide Jaci back to her true path? Can she learn to say no or is she just too addicted to the need to be needed?
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