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Oh Lord, I Need Your Grace Today by Zoe M. McCarthy

Zoe M. McCarthy
If I’d only known those words: “Oh Lord, I need your grace today.” But I didn’t know the Lord.

At the time, I wished I hadn’t known what had been said about me behind closed doors in the company of three people. One person, I’ll call Power, disparaged my abilities to Lesser Power. The third, Peer, came to me and told me what had been said.

I carried a bowling ball around in my stomach for the rest of the day. I had no one to run to for comfort. My rock, my husband, was out of town on business, a rare occurrence back then.

That evening, I struggled to hide my misery around my sons. I suddenly understood how people with depression felt. I was in a deep, deep hole, and there was no way to climb the slippery walls out. I knew people dealt with this awful feeling 365 days a year. How did they survive?

I went through a gamut of thoughts and feelings during the sleepless night:

  • How cruel Power and Lesser Power were to gossip about me.
  • Was I really that incompetent? 
  • How unkind it was for Peer to warn me about the hurtful words said. If I didn’t know them, I’d not be suffering.
  • Why did this happen on the one day and night John was away?

For a while, I was nervous around Power and knocked heads over business issues with Lesser Power. They were not my favorite people.

With hindsight, I can see how God was orchestrating amazing things in my spirit.

First, I became a Christian. God showed me how to give grace to those who had belittled my worth.

After Power moved on to another job, her son died. At the funeral, with genuine sorrow in my heart, I was able to hug her and tell her I was praying for her.

When Lesser Power was in the process of quitting smoking, I sent her a card with a whale bursting from ocean waters. She came to me with tears in her eyes, thanking me for my encouragement. After she stayed home to be with her husband, who had a rare terminal disease, and then suffered a terminal disease herself, I prayed daily for her and sent her letters and cards.

And as far as my competence? I became a manager, and when I retired, the director whom my area supported entreated me to come back as a consultant.

That’s not the end of the story.

Years later, I was blindsided by an email with disturbing news. The Sender asked me to be involved, but in The Sender’s way, not the Lord’s. This time, I dropped to my knees. Only God’s comfort kept me going for months. He helped me to keep responding to The Sender in love and forgiveness until God answered my prayers and orchestrated a good outcome.

Over the years, I had learned powerful lessons. When I heard the critical words during John’s absence, I needed to learn to seek God, not my husband. A human rock might not always be beside me like God is. And he may not give the best advice. I also learned that ongoing forgiveness gives me peace.

How have you had to depend on God’s grace?

A story of God’s grace during adversity.
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About the Author

Zoe M. McCarthy believes the little known fact that opposites distract. Thus, she spins Christian contemporary romances entangling extreme opposites. Her tagline is: Distraction to Attraction, Magnetic Romances Between Opposites. Christian Fiction Online Magazine published two of her short stories. Zoe self-published two books of contemporary Christian short stories. She’s a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She enjoys leading workshops on the craft of writing; speaking about her faith; planning fun events for her 5 grandchildren; and exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she lives with her husband, John. 

Learn more about Zoe M. McCarthy at her website: http://zoemmccarthy.com

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  1. Unfortunately, my work place is rife with these scenarios. It creates a highly toxic work environment with lots of gossips and hurt feelings and resentment. I really appreciated this story, Zoe. It's a little reminder that we need to turn these things over to the Lord rather than try to handle them in our own power.

    1. Megan, your situation is sad and difficult. May God help you stand firm and strong.

  2. Great post Zoe. Thanks for sharing and the encouragement
    Good luck and God's blessings

  3. Too many offices have these problems and too few learn to forgive and pray. Thanks for the reminder to turn to God and not special people in our lives.

    1. And I'm so looking forward to retirement! Hope you are loving yours.

    2. Terri, although I write 5 days a week on novels, blogs, Bible studies, and presentations, I love my retirement. Caution: when I retired early to write, I redecorated my house and played for about a year.

    3. I think God gives us these opportunities to rise above such activities for our growth and possibility an example for someone else.

  4. Just yesterday I made a list of all I needed to do in the day's time. I looked at the list and shook my head. "Your grace, dear Lord, be upon me." I set to. This morning, I reviewed the list. All but 2 minor things accomplished. Amazing. God is so good. Thanks for the encouragement, Zoe. Cheers

    1. I like your example, Marilyn. God loves it when we seek Him.


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