Monday, August 22, 2016

Are We There Yet? by Mary Manners

Are We There Yet?

By Mary Manners

It’s a brand new day; how will you choose to spend it?
We all are familiar—some more than others—with this particular drill: A small child rides in the backseat of the car and his constant chatter is a distraction—and sometimes an irritation—to the driver. Again, he asks, “Are we there yet?” He wants the car to move faster, longs to arrive at the destination. He is beyond impatient. In our day-to-day activities, we are often like that child, scurrying at lightning speed from one task to another, devoid of the simple pleasure of life’s journey and the landscape that forms our chain of memories. Time passes in a blur, and when we do take a moment to grab a breath, we wonder just how the hours turned into weeks, months, even years.
Slow down. Enjoy the ride and drink in the scenery of a mango-tinged sunrise, the laughter of a child, perhaps a friendly chat with a lonely neighbor. Discover the purpose of your actions and take few minutes to thank God for the countless blessings in your life. Soon, instead of the nagging, “Are we there yet?” you may find yourself exclaiming, “Are we here already?”
When life’s hectic pace threatens to steal joy, remember to so many wonderful moments in time, and to appreciate a world filled with children’s laughter, kind words from a neighbor and the beauty of a new sunrise.
This week, take time to look around and discover the people you are traveling through life with. What can you share with them? Perhaps you’ll find a smile, a hug…and in do so also serve as a reflection of God’s love.
Grant Anderson’s world is upended by a harmless game of dress-up when his niece finds a box of old clothes and stumbles across a necklace Grant stole more than a decade ago. Grant has conquered a past shadowed by rebellion, and he paid his dues a long time ago. Caught and sentenced in juvenile court, he spent a full year making restitution to everyone involved—everyone except Maggie Andrews. Finding the necklace means he can finally return it and then close the door on his checkered past.
Maggie’s beloved grandmother has just passed away. Orphaned as a child, Maggie is left with no family to speak of and only a small box of heirlooms to connect her to her heritage. Maggie cherishes the link to her family, but her inheritance is incomplete. A necklace that was passed down through generations was stolen years ago. The treasured piece is gone forever…until Grant Anderson steps back into her life and offers her more than long-lost jewelry.
Can Maggie let go of the bitterness she harbors? Can Grant convince her that everyone deserves a second chance? When circumstances change, both learn the true meaning of greed and charity. Only through God’s healing grace can either find peace with their past as well as their future.
Mary Manners is an award-winning romance author who lives along the beautiful shores of Jax Beach with her husband, Tim. She loves her toes in the sand, running, flavored coffee and cotton candy sunsets followed by starlit nights.
Mary believes everyone has a story to tell, and she enjoys sharing hers. She writes inspirational romances of all lengths, from short stories to novels—something for everyone.
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