Monday, January 25, 2016

Writing In-Between by Angie Arndt

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I know, I know! This is Monday. It’s not my day. Well, within the last week I have gotten some pretty cool advice from some of my friends. It’s so cool, I’m taking two days to share it with you!

It’s long been a part of my writing excuses to say, “I don’t have time to write.” Even now that I’m not working a full-time job, “life” just gets in the way. (I know you know what I mean.) Last week, my writing mentor and friend, Beth Vogt, challenged me to “write in-between.” By that she meant any in-between part of life that gets in the way of writing.

For example:

If you’re caring for an elderly parent or a young child who's sick, schedule their appointments on a certain day of the week, or if you are a morning writer, schedule them in the afternoon, then write in the waiting room.

If you’re a commuter, write while you’re driving. Use that uninterrupted time to develop your characters and bring along a micro-recorder or use the dictation app on your phone to record your thoughts or dictate scenes.

You can always gather up your interruptions as much as you can so you’ll have bigger chunks of time to write. Don’t think you have any free time? Write instead of:

  • Shopping for yet another handbag. (Guilty!)
  • Write while the football game is on (or replace the words “football game” with any sport or show that you consider dull-as-dishwater but your significant other can’t live without).
  • Write during commercials.
  • Watch your favorite show, but write during the next one.
  • Write before your family gets up. This has become my favorite time to write. Everything is still and quiet.
I’m sure you have your favorite writing in-between moments. Take one of those and leave a comment for us here.
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Angela Arndt
Angie is represented by Joyce Hart of Hartline Literary Agency and is currently working on a series of novels set in small Southern towns. She and her husband live in the middle of a big wood outside a small town in South Carolina. She would love for you to visit her website, at


  1. Good morning, Angie! I remember our "write in between" conversation. Yesterday was a Write In Between day for me. My daughter had a volleyball tournament -- so it was all about writing in between my daughter's matches. And yes, we all have our favorite TV shows, but how often do we sit and watch the next one that comes on just because, well, the TV is already on? Write instead! The question for each of us is: What are the Write In Between moments we can use?

    1. I know! And most of the time I don't even like the TV shows that are on. It's just background noise!

      Glad you got to write in-between yesterday!

  2. I find it difficult to actually write in short spurts or during times of waiting for appointments, etc. But,I can brainstorm,solve plot issues, and jot down ideas - even snippets of dialogue. It's all helpful!

    1. That's a great idea, Dawn! Perfect. You're stuck there, so you can at least do something constructive, right?

  3. Angie, you got me with the shopping for yet another handbag. I'm so guilty. My best writing time is late at night. Since I have to be up early for my day job that doesn't work so well. I'm learning to make use of evenings. Weekends are great.

    My write in between time is lunch. Great advice! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ha! Isn't true? Even my mother can't bypass the handbag aisle.

      That's a great idea, Terri. Rather than buying overpriced lunches, bring your own and write! I love it!

  4. I love this advice, Angie! I've often sat in a waiting room with laptop, earbuds, and notebook at hand. It's usually a very productive time because I know about when I'll be interrupted so I push to write as much as possible before then. Looking forward to part II tomorrow. :)

    1. Oh, I'd never thought of that! That's true.

      Thanks so much, Annette! I hope you like it. :)

  5. Hi Angie, I used to scribble during my lunchtimes as a substitute teacher. I now find the "Notes" app on my phone and iPad come in handy even for a quick thought or idea. enjoyed the post. xo


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