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Harvest Blessings...Pass Them On

Harvest Blessings...Pass Them On

By Mary Manners
"And whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."
~ Colossians 3:17 ~
Some of you may know that in addition to being a writer, I am also blessed to have spent twenty-seven years educating children as a public school teacher, and am currently in my third year as a school administrator at a local intermediate school. As I barrel (yes, barrel...there is no rest where children are involved) toward holiday festivities that never fail to cause a buzz along the school halls, I am warmed by the eager smiles on the faces of the young children that are entrusted to my care each day. These youngsters have a passion for life and learning, as well as an eagerness for all of the adventures yet to come. There is a pep in their step and an enthusiastic, sing-song tone to their voice as they wish me good morning. It’s a wonderful thing…a true blessing to me when I greet them at the front doors of the school each weekday as the sun peeks through a star-dappled sky. I watch them rush down the hall to greet their friends, their backpacks filled with textbooks and crumpled homework sheets, and wonder what the events of the day might bring. Every day is important to these kids; each moment—every word—counts.
The children's words coupled with tender gestures...those are what never cease to impress and encourage me. We as a nation hear the word 'bullying' in the news on a daily basis, but a child's kindness toward another is rarely mentioned. Yet, I see acts of kindness...true and real blessings...continually throughout my school days. A little girl drops her lunch and the blonde-haired boy at a nearby table rushes over to help her clean up the mess while another classmate goes for a new lunch tray. "It's OK," they murmur to the tearful girl, washing her embarrassment away with smiles and gentle pats on the shoulder. "Everyone drops things. We're here to help."
The new transfer student...the boy with autism...another who just lost his mother to cancer...each of these children finds a blessing or two (or more) throughout their days. The kindness of their classmates warms like a sweet cup of mocha-flavored coffee.

So, I'm thinking that I'd like to be more like these kids...passing on the blessings they've shared with me through their smiles, enthusiasm, and kindness toward one another. I challenge you to do the same with the blessings you receive throughout your daily walk, whatever and wherever it may be...
Share your bountiful harvest and pass those blessings on. 

Will a bit of secret moonlighting lead Kaci and Ryne to the ultimate dance?
Scorned by an ex-fiance who dumped her on their wedding day, Kaci James vows to never fall in love again. She's content to teach English at Angel Falls High School and moonlights at the Angel Falls Trumpet as an advisor for a romance column--Love's Lessons.
Plagued by the senseless death of a teen on his watch, patrolman Ryne Calvert feels he's failed in the line of duty--and as a man. His new job as the resource officer at Angel Falls High will give him a chance to redeem himself--and to be closer to the elusive and lovely Kaci. Though he longs for more than friendship, Kaci thwarts his advances. She's hiding her heart from him, but why?
When Ryne, on a dare, seeks advice from Love's Lessons, he and Kaci begin the dance of romance. But when Kaci's secret is revealed, will the music end—forever?

Mary Manners is an award-winning romance writer who lives in the beautiful foothills of East Tennessee with her husband Tim and the cherished cats they've rescued from local animal shelters...Lucky and Gus. She loves swimming, running, flavored coffee and Smoky Mountain sunsets.
Mary believes everyone has a story to tell, and she loves to share hers. She writes inspirational romances of all lengths, from short stories to novels—something for everyone.
Learn more about Mary Manners at her website:



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