Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Six Book Marketing Tips by Ann Knowles White

We know that writing is rewriting. Well, that's not all there is to it. The business end consists of marketing what you write. Today, author Ann White Knowles gives us six tips for marketing, not only your books, but you. -- Sandy

Ann: Marketing begins long before you publish your book. Share your ideas and your dreams for your book with friends, acquaintances and other writers. Build your web site and your blog to speak for you and your book. These simple tips will help.

1.  Learn how to market and sell YOU and your books.
Cecil Murphey, renowned author and speaker, told me that he promised God to never stop learning about writing and helping others learn how to be better writers. Read and research the subjects that interest you; attend conferences and teleseminars; join writing and marketing groups; and follow blogs that provide valuable and up-to-date information such as 

2.  Diversify your services
If you are a published author, there are a number of doors that will magically open. You can create eBooks, present teleseminars, webinars, or workshops. You can offer classes on your web site; you can even write a book about your writing successes. Look for new avenues to sell your books and services. See workshop offered at

3.  Be careful about using your blog to sell your products all the time. Only 1 in 10 of your posts should include “selling” language. The rest of your content comes from who you are and who your audience is. Engage your followers; get to know them. They will eventually come to you to learn what’s new and to buy your books.

4.  Take Fun Photos
Take photos of your books in interesting places/situations—with your pets, or grandchildren or--at a ball game---or you name it. I took a picture of myself at the beauty salon signing books. Everyone involved wanted to share the photo on their facebook page. My cosmetologist was grateful for the free advertisement and she asked for books to sell to other customers.

5.  Pay it forward.
If you are a member of any writing groups, you should give to others and receive help with your marketing and promotion. I watch for new members in my groups, send an email to welcome them and ask where they live. If they live close by, we can get together for lunch and talk about our books and help each other. My publishing group is composed of an amazing group of writers who tweet for each other, host each other on blogs, and help promote each others’ books.

Aside from being good for you as a writer and marketer, giving back is good for everyone. Invite people to post on your blog. Host author interviews. Tweet for your writing friends. Run contests to promote their books.

6.  Never leave home without two of three books.
I always have books with me wherever I go. Most of my books have been sold unexpectedly at places like church, the grocery story, the beauty salon, and at medical facilities. Be prepared.

How important do you think it is to promote yourself as well as your books? Do you have any tips to add? 


Ann is a freelance writer, editor, and speaker. Her goal is to make a difference in the lives of those who hear or read her words. She has published over 60 articles and devotions in the last year in addition to her new book. Ann holds an M. A. Ed, with advanced studies in ESL, religious journalism, and biblical counseling. She writes stories, book reviews, memoirs, radio Bible study scripts, and biblical radio dramas. Her passion is missions.