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On Divine Assignment by Pat Broomfield Bradley

Pat Broomfield Bradley

We may have our own ideas for the writing paths we want to take, but sometimes God has other plans. Sometimes, God points in a different direction—and that’s exactly what he did when he gave author Pat Broomfield Bradley her divine assignment. Enjoy!  ~ Dawn

On Divine Assignment

A childhood fascination with stories and words spurred my earliest inclinations to write. As I matured, I yearned to write what I enjoyed reading: mysteries, romance novels, and stories about funny and eccentric characters. No clue that I’d one day edit and write on divine assignment.

Praise for stories and papers I wrote in school encouraged me to believe I could author books. But subsequent and repeated rejections led to disappointment, and I didn’t have the emotional maturity to handle it. Add to that my share of life’s cruel and bombarding challenges, and a crippling depression set up camp in my spirit. Without the spiritual maturity to deal with life’s storms, my dreams vanished and my life became a total mess.

 Suddenly, Grace. After years of struggling to find my way, the darkness lifted. By Grace I came to understand JESUS is LORD and Savior. And because it was through Grace I was able to spiritually discern this, I’ve been on a God-directed path experiencing His Love, learning to trust and obey Him, and hopefully growing more in likeness to Him.        

Fast forward to a mid-life completion of a Mass Communications and Journalism degree, a two year stint writing advertorials (PR for contracted advertisers) for North Texas newspapers, and several years of writing magazine articles, and I thought I’d found my purpose again. Yet a nagging discontent, prompted by a growing faith, eventually changed my focus. In 1991, my first inspirational article was published in a Christian periodical. Since then my focus has become Christian fiction, as well as inspirational articles.

Nevertheless, as I made plans, God re-ordered my steps and orchestrated circumstances to confirm His instructions. In 2011, I sensed I was being called to write about the blessings and victory of living by faith in JESUS CHRIST. With years of life episodes to testify to this, my initial goal was to write a collection of accounts of God’s Grace in my life. But the Holy Spirit tweaked my vision. This book would be a platform through which others could share their personal encounters with God, and thereby give witness to and glorify His Abiding Presence. So for months I placed announcements on Twitter and Facebook repeatedly sent emails, sent direct mail announcements, and placed announcements in my church’s bulletin. And God blessed! He knew the hearts of those willing to glorify Him; and people I’ve never met responded.

May, 2014 under HIS SHADOW: Intimate Encounters with The Abiding Presence, As Told by Ordinary Believers was published and released on Amazon in print and Kindle version. Today I am editing the testimonies that will be included in the sequel, BUT GOD: Interventions of Grace. 

I still have fictional stories in my head that I yearn to write, and the Spirit has impressed upon me that there will be a season for them too. Right now, though, I am truly experiencing God’s faithfulness, as He leads me step by step, to fulfill this assignment. 

As Told by Ordinary Believers is an inspiring collection of true and relatable accounts from people across the country. Their testimonies give witness to the Abiding Presence of God, in the lives of believers, as they share their experiences of rescues from peril, heavenly encounters, miraculous provisions, and so much more. These impactful stories will be a revelation and encouragement to anyone who doubts. 

Pat Bradley is a Kingdom Daughter, writer, technical editor/proof reader, Bible Study Coordinator, and speaker. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Journalism, and has written for several North Texas newspapers and magazines.  She’s currently fulfilling an assigned mission called under HIS SHADOW: an interactive platform for inspirational articles, commentaries, and true accounts of God’s Grace, as told by other believers.  Also on docket is the first sequel, in the under HIS SHADOW series, which is scheduled for a late spring release. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and married to a born and bred Texan, Pat and Husband are southern transplants currently living in Wisconsin.   

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  1. His plans for my life are always infinitely better than mine, and I have to remind myself of that occasionally. I can usually make quite a mess of things when I head off on my own. :)
    Thanks for sharing your story, Pat. Great encouragement here.

  2. Step-by-step ... the way it should be. Thanks, Pat!

  3. Pat, an amazing witness go God's hand in our writing life. I always have my plan, now I just need to be more flexible and trust in His plan.


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