Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Legacy In Stories by Heidi Chiavaroli

Heidi Chiavaroli
As my family mourns the loss of my great-grandmother this week, I’m dwelling a bit on legacies.

My great-grandmother left us with memories of a beautiful life. She was a caring wife, mother, daughter, and sister. She was even one of the first women recognized to wear—gasp—pants in the workplace!

My great-grandmother was also an artist. She painted gorgeous pictures. After she passed, it became incredibly important that I possess one of these creations. Whatever painting I receive will have a small piece of my great-grandmother hidden in each brushstroke. At one moment in time, the painting was her sole focus, her creative passion. In having one of her paintings, I will have a precious bit of my grandmother’s life.

I often think about the kind of legacy I want to leave. Above all, I want to be known as a woman who loved well. A woman who loved her Creator and Savior, a woman who loved her husband, her kids, her family, and her friends. But it doesn’t have to end there. As a writer, I can leave another type of legacy.

A legacy of stories.

One day my great-granddaughter could read my stories and in doing so, possess a piece of me. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m so adamant about writing real, about writing truth, even if it takes some ugliness to get there.

I want to leave my own legacy, told in stories, that can reveal a truth about myself, and a truth bigger than myself.

How awesome an opportunity us writers have!

What kind of legacy in stories do you want to leave?

Heidi Chiavaroli writes History Woven in Grace. She is a wife, mother, disciple, and grace-clinger. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and has finaled in the Genesis contest and My Book Therapy’s Frasier contest.