Thursday, October 2, 2014

You’re Still a Lily! by Susan Tuttle

The writing world can be tough, can’t it? Especially for those of us in the CBA market. We believe we are called to write. We believe God created us for a purpose and that purpose includes weaving His message into words on a page and then that page being placed into the hands of readers where it will change lives. Inspire. Bring hope. Stimulate growth. Begin healing.

Yet what happens when we do all we can and our message is not received? When we string those words together into stories that sit on our computers? When we cannot find an agent or a publishing house willing to take us on?

Are we still a writer?

Will he still use us?

I’ll admit to asking God these questions. In fact, I’m about to start a new WIP and there was a part of me that wondered if I really should. With nothing new occurring, was God really ever going to use me? To which he responded with this picture and verse:
Lily courtesy of Morguefile

Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin, yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. 
~Matthew 6:28-29

Then he spoke quietly to my spirit. He reminded me that I was still a lily, even if I was alone in the middle of a forest. Even if I only ever bloomed for him. I was still a lily and nothing, no nothing, would ever be as glorious to him.

See, we think we are only living in our purpose if there are people who witness it or if there is some sort of external achievement to measure by. But God calls us to bloom even if HE is the only one to ever enjoy our petals. That lone flower in the middle of a forest is as devastatingly beautiful as the one people pay hundreds of dollars to create displays with. It may not be seen by as many people, it may not be seen at all, but he still created it, and it’s still a flower. Whether or not anyone ever admires its color, the shape of its petals, or its sweet fragrance changes nothing. God created it. Values it. Gave it a specific purpose.

And it should never stop blooming or growing because then, and only then, will it miss its calling.

So today if you’re frustrated in your writing career, I challenge you to take a moment out with God. Let him refresh you and remind you that you are as valuable as any writer who is agented or published. Your talent was given to you for a reason. You were created for a reason. And even if your blooms right now aren’t being seen by many, you are still a lily, glorious beyond words and valued beyond measure.

Don’t stop blooming.

Susan Tuttle
Susan Tuttle is a homeschooling mom of three who is crazy about coffee, dark chocolate, and words—both reading and writing them. Combine that love of words with her passion for leading women to a life-changing encounter with Christ, and you’ll find her crafting Inspirational Contemporary Romance stories laced with humor, love, and healing transformations. When not cheering on her Ironman hubby, chasing the family dog, or tackling complex math problems to teach her kids (yes, even the third grader), you can catch Susan at her blog, Steps.