Thursday, October 30, 2014

Writing His Story by Emilie Hendryx

Emilie Hendryx
I’d like to say that every time I sit down to write I pray before I start…but there are days that I forget. It’s not that I don’t want His involvement through every page—I do—but I forget, as sad as that sounds. Yet, if you were to sit down with me (preferably over a cup of coffee) and ask me what my heart for writing is, I would say it is to write the story’s that God places on my heart. I’d guess that most Christian authors have that same desire.

I’ve interviewed many authors over the last few years and one of my favorite questions is, “What is one take-away from your book that you hope readers identify with?” I get varying answers, but the heart behind them all is that a Christian author hopes to share the message God has placed uniquely on their heart.

But how do we know what that message is? We may wonder if God even has a message for us to share. I’ve outlined three things that I think we can do as writers to help us on our writing journey. These aren’t mind-blowing things, just simple reminders crafted to encourage you as a writer.

Ask Him
This may sound redundant, but pray about your writing. As I admitted previously, I sometimes for get to do this, but I know that it is the best way to truly connect with my Savior over what I am writing. The trick here is to keep it up! We don’t just pray about an idea and then forge ahead with our own way. He should be involved in all aspects.

Ask Others
God has specifically placed others in your life for a reason. They may be other writers, readers, or just friends who have no vested interest in writing but who can give you a godly perspective. Have these friends pray with you. Let them know a direction, and then have a discussion if needed.

Then comes the fun part. Writing! Of course, you may say, writing was the whole idea. But that’s not true. It’s not so much about the writing as it is about the story. We each have unique perspectives on life shaped through our experience. We may not all write inspirational fiction, but that doesn’t mean our story is any less an extension of what Christ is crafting in us.

So…write! Take the next step to craft that story you’ve always wanted to. It will be shaped through your prayer time with Him, your conversations with those He’s placed in your life, and your own story. When focused on Him, you will be writing His story.

Emilie Hendryx is a writer and photographer living in Washington, DC. She is a member of ACFW and writes weekly on her blog, Thinking Thoughts. When she isn’t busy writing romantic suspense novels or taking wedding photos, you can find her curled up with a book and a cup of coffee.  Connect with her on her blog, her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  1. Good morning, Emilie! I had the pleasure of meeting you at ACFW and you did my head shots.

    I'm like you, I write for the Lord, but don't always remember to pray before writing. I need to make a point of doing that.

    Best of luck with your writing. I love reading suspense!

  2. Hi Terri! Good to hear from you here. And it is difficult to remember to pray! I've taken to writing it on my white board where I plot my novels and that's helped a little :)

  3. So appreciate this post, Emilie! You know those computer stickies? I have Ps 90:17 stuck to my computer screen. I definitely need the reminder! Oh, and BTW, my son lives in DC and loves it. We'd never been until he moved there, now we visit several times a year. We've grown to love it, too. Not as much as NC, but it makes a fun place to visit. Thanks for guesting today! :)

    1. That's a great idea about the stickies Dora! And how awesome that you're son is in DC! It's such a fun city :)

  4. Some mornings I wake up with ideas floating around it my head and I rush to my computer to write them down. Before I know it, it's been a few hours and I haven't even thought about praying. And then I wonder why so little of it is useful. Praying and productivity go hand in hand. I just need to remember that!

    1. I know exactly how that goes Sherry! I do the same thing then think...why did I think this was a good idea? I need to have a prompt on Scriviner to remind me every time I open it - now that would be an awesome addition!

  5. Hi Emilie! Those are good points to remember. I try to pray before writing as well, mostly to ask the Lord into my work, and partly to remind myself why I'm doing this and Who it's all for! One thing I started praying recently (after reading an awesome novel with a spot-on spiritual thread) is that God would show up in my stories in the way of His choosing--where readers would recognize Him in a "My sheep know My voice" kind of way!

    1. Oh I love that Brandy! I think its extra amazing how He works because even just asking for guidance is enough... what comes is what's "meant" to.


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