Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I’m Peddling as Fast as I Can by Tina Radcliffe

I'm sure this doesn't apply to anyone we know, **wink** but when it comes to getting things done, some people run out of hours in the day and days in the week. So today, Tina Radcliffe shares some things she's learned from "the school of sinking fast." -- Sandy

Tina: Busy is a relative term. We’re all busy, and at times we all get to that place where panic begins to set in and despite peddling faster, we’re sinking…fast.

I’m a graduate of the school of sinking fast, and yet, a complete optimist. Having weathered many overwhelming days in my personal and professional life, I have learned that the same game plan still works.

1. Eat elephants

Stop. Take a deep breath. Now, what’s the single most important task at hand?
One foot in front of the other. Do the task and then take a deep breath and do the next one.
I have Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog in audio, video, e-book and print book. The single most life changing thing I have learned from his book is this: How do you eat an elephant? One step at a time.
That seems very simplistic, but your success in life is based on your ability to determine what’s most important.

Eating elephants time is also a signal to cling to Scripture. The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song. Psalm 28:7

2. Plan for the worst

Create deadlines and sub-deadlines for yourself. Know your limitations inside and out. Then plan for the worst-those times when circumstances are not in your control.

During those times your life preserver will be the simple fact that you thoroughly know your limitations. It’s the only way you can realistically create a plan B.

How many hours of sleep can you survive on? How many pages could you write per day if you had to? How much time do you need to get the job done? At minimum you should know how fast you can write a synopsis, a chapter, a book, when the pressure is on.

This is one of the best reasons to enter writing contests if you are an unpublished author. It forces you to meet deadlines. Deadlines to enter and deadlines to finish the manuscript if you are a finalist.

3. Develop a routine.

Routines may seem inconsequential and boring but they can save your buns more times than not. If you ALWAYS put your car keys on the hook, they will ALWAYS be there. If you ALWAYS put your security badge for work in the middle pocket of your purse, it will ALWAYS be there.

And if you ALWAYS write one thousand words before you get to check email you will ALWAYS have thirty thousand words at the end of any given month.

Your routine should include avoiding the tendency to please people by saying yes instead of ‘let me get back to you.’ Don’t over promise either.  Better to under promise and then over deliver.

That’s it! A simple, three step plan to get you peddling, and back on track.  What’s your plan for when life becomes overwhelming?


The Doctor and the Cowboy
Stranded at single father Dan Gallagher's ranch during a Colorado blizzard, Dr. Beth Rogers is counting the days till the roads are clear. She can't wait to leave for her exciting new life in New York. But suddenly the big-city doctor is delivering babies in log cabins, helping to feed newborn calves and teaching Dan's little girl to play hymns on the piano. No-nonsense Beth even throws a snowball or two at the handsome, love-shy cowboy. She thought she had her heart set on leaving, so why does she dream of Dan asking her to stay forever?

Tina Radcliffe writes fun, inspirational romance for Love Inspired. She is a 2014 ACFW Mentor of the Year finalist and a 2014 ACFW Carol Award finalist in the short novel category, with her first Paradise book, Mending the Doctor’s Heart. Her latest Paradise book, Stranded with the Rancher is a September release. She’s also teaching Self-Editing for Beginners in October in Seekerville’s Night Classes.