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If Not Now, Then When? by Deb Kastner

Deb Kastner

Do you sometimes find yourself making excuses for putting off the things you want to do most? I can relate—and so can author Deb Kastner. Enjoy as she shares some of her experiences and the wisdom she gained concerning decisions that impact our personal and writing lives. ~ Dawn

If Not Now, Then When?
by Deb Kastner

I recently had the very great pleasure of seeing my all-time favorite singing group, The Texas Tenors, perform live. I even got to meet them personally and have my picture taken with them. Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover it. Best night ever. (If you want to see a totally freaked-out, wild-eyed fangirl photo, just check out the background pic on my personal Facebook page. Have a good laugh, and while you’re there, friend me!)

It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And then I found out they were sponsoring a cruise. Seven. Days. Of. Musical. Heaven. Talk about refilling my creative well!

My first response (after a deep sigh of longing) was the same as it’s always been when I consider doing something special just for me. It’s not practical. We need the money for other things. What if the family needs us while we are gone? I can’t afford to take the time off. You get the picture. No matter how much it means to me, I could list a hundred reasons why it isn’t a good idea to even consider the possibility.

But my mind just wouldn’t let it go. My husband Joe and I have only vacationed together once in our twenty-seven years of marriage, a three-day cruise for our 13th anniversary (we didn’t even have a honeymoon!). It was a lovely experience and we’ve always wanted to cruise again. But year after year, life, finances, health and family obligations got in our way. And they still do.

Will The Texas Tenors do another VIP cruise in the future? Maybe. Maybe not. The more I thought about it, the more I realized this particular cruise was truly another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, one I would regret not pursuing. I didn’t want to live with that if only. Not this time.

I took a leap of faith. I booked the cruise. Because if not now, then when?

The same theme applies to my writing career. Stepping out of my comfort zone, taking leaps of faith, takes a great deal of courage. Writing takes courage, for it exposes my heart and leaves me vulnerable. Even after twenty-some-odd published novels I still have to face my fear every time I sit down at the computer. Looking at a blank page is scary. As soon as I finish one book I can’t even catch my breath before the next one rises up to taunt me. What makes me think I can write a whole book, one that anyone would want to read? What if I can’t do it? What if the words don’t come? What if life gets in the way? What if I can’t meet my deadline?

Being a writer isn’t the easiest choice you will ever make. If you’re like me, it’s not so much a choice as that you can’t not write. But if you’re hesitating, if the what ifs and the I can’ts and the if onlys are keeping you from following your dreams, just ask yourself this:

If not now, then when?

And as The Texas Tenors sing in their latest Billboard hit—You Should Dream!

What keeps you from taking a leap of faith in your writing? How do you overcome the obstacles that keep you from reaching for your dreams?


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Author Deb Kastner shares what she’s learned about putting off things we want to do most in life. Click to tweet.

If the what ifs and the I can’ts and the if onlys are keeping you from following your dreams, just ask yourself this: If not now, then when? Click to tweet.

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Deb lives and writes in beautiful Colorado. She shares her life with her biggest blessings—her family—her husband Joe, their three daughters, and her granddaughter and grandson. Deb is currently working on her 24th novel for Harlequin's Love Inspired line. She's thrilled that most of her backlist is now available for the Kindle. She feels especially blessed to be able to include faith as a natural and genuine part of her characters lives.

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