Monday, February 3, 2014

Dreams and Determination by Annette M. Irby

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Dreams and Determination

Hey, writers! How many of you caught the Big Game yesterday? I did, which is unusual for me. Generally, I’m not a football fan. But I was caught up in the message the Seahawks kept repeating this season: “Why not us?” They had an amazing season, so when they made it to the Big Game, I had to watch. 


You see, Russell Wilson is their quarterback and he’s unashamedly Christian. He tells the story of how his father used to say to him (Russell stands 5’11”), “Why not you, Russ?” In other words, don’t let perceived limitations stop you. Russell took that message to his teammates, and it became their motto: “Why not us?” 

I learned something else watching the game yesterday. Whenever things didn’t go the way the Seahawks might have wanted, they jumped back into the game. Determined. But when the Broncos (this is just an observation; don’t hold it against me, dear writers) didn’t see things go their way, I saw a lot of head shaking. That’s a different attitude, and I wonder how much it contributed to their game experience. Seems the disappointment was too long a distraction while the game carried on. 


Check out this SB ad featuring Russell Wilson: 



That encourages me. 

We writers are going for our dreams! We’re walking out our callings and setting our aspirations high. 

So, why can’t we be winners? We can work hard, learn the craft, reach out and help others, all while chasing our dreams. We can give less weight to any perceived limitations, and let God highlight the talents He gave us for His glory.

And we can chase our dreams unashamedly. 

We can write for God. Conduct our lives with integrity, and foster a champion’s mental attitude. 

Why not us? 

Why not you? 

Write on, friends! 


One of your hostesses here at Seriously Write, Annette M. Irby writes fiction, edits freelance, and works in acquisitions for Pelican Book Group. She loves encouraging writers because she appreciates all that others have done for her. Learn more at her editing website or her author site

* Photo credit: Old Door by Dan


  1. Love this post, Annette! Why not us? Why can't God use us to speak to people all over the world? If we give our talents to Him -- even if it is just a pittance -- He can use it however He wants.

    Thank you, sweet friend!

    1. Thanks, Angie! Love how God is not limited. How He multiplies oil (what we have on hand). Here's to an encouraging year for His writers!

  2. Encouraging post, Annette! I was also really inspired by Russell Wilson's words and the commercial. So much comes down to attitude and not giving up when things become difficult.

    1. Yes! I watched another behind-the-scenes vid of some of the team members on YouTube. So much of their surroundings, from T-shirts to banners to slogans to self-talk is about being "all in" and being a champion. We should surround ourselves with banners! And get T-shirts. We definitely need T-shirts. ;)

  3. Congratulations on the win. :) You're right. They did not give up. They buckled down and went at it, an example for us as writers during times of doubt. Loved this post, Annette.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! This message has encouraged me today as I've worked. Hoping I can keep it in mind for the long haul. :)

  4. Setting the bar high and chasing after GIANT dreams! Thanks for the pep talk, Annette. Needed the reminder not to allow perceived limitations to squelch my goals. I so appreciate you!


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