Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don’t Quit! Why Not? by Lorraine Beatty

Writing is not a one size fits all process. There are as many way to go about it as there are people who want to write. Just take a look at the books written on the subject. You have to find a method or a process that works for you. The same is true when a writer faces a difficult life situation. I know several writer friends who, when faced with adversity, are still able to produce quality books. Their writing provides a means of escape where they can temporarily set the bad things aside.  

I’m not made that way. I had a short lived writing career in the early 90s. It didn’t progress well. There were editor problems, agent problems, and the problem of my inexperience as an author to blame. Add to that a family situation that was getting worse by the week and I found myself overwhelmed and unable to think clearly let alone write. I have to be in a good place in my mind before I can create a story, so I made the decision to stop writing. My retirement lasted for five years.

When life returned to normal I discovered I missed writing. I found an old binder with a half-finished book in it, and I realized how much I missed the creative process. So I started writing again. Only this time I made a few important decisions before I jumped onto the ‘get published train’.  Mainly I had to become more knowledgeable about the craft, and the business. But the end result was worth it. My second foray into publishing is going better than I ever dreamed. I’ve had four books out in less than two years and I’m in the middle of a three book contract with Love Inspired.

Do I regret stepping away from writing? Sometimes. But when I look back I see that I needed that away time to grow emotionally and spiritually. My family had to come first. 

The bottom line - do what’s best for you and your situation.

Don’t be afraid to step away when times are difficult. It’s not the end of the world. It might be the waiting period you need to be prepared for the second try.

About the Author
Lorraine Beatty is a multi-published, bestselling author born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She’s also lived in Erlangen, Germany, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and currently resides in Brandon, Mississippi. Married to her high school sweetheart, she and husband Joe have two grown sons and five grandchildren.

She has been writing since Junior High School and has contributed feature articles to several books on Television History, and written for magazines, newspapers and company newsletters. She currently writes for Love Inspired books, and Barbour Books. A longtime member of RWA, and ACFW. She is a charter member and former president of Magnolia State Romance Writers, the local Mississippi Chapter of RWA.

Away from writing she sings in her church choir, loves to garden, spend time with her grandchildren, and travel.

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