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Is Writing the Impossible Mission? by Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson
Does the journey to publication ever feel like you're traveling on bumpy back roads, maneuvering around potholes, and pushing fallen trees out of the way? When the destination starts to feel impossible, how do we keep focused on what's ahead? Bonnie Rose Hudson offers some insight. 
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Is Writing the 
Impossible Mission?

As one year begins to end and our hearts start to turn toward setting new goals for 2014, we ponder and list and dream. Mixed in with the dreams, however, are less appealing realities. Changing markets, a depressed economy, and the small percent of manuscripts that see publication, not to mention agents, queries, verb tense, and point-of-view all present roadblocks to the path we once felt sure we were called to take. We find ourselves asking, “Is writing the impossible mission?”

I love watching the old television show Mission: Impossible starring Peter Graves. The heroes, the suspense, the music. Round any corner and find adventure and intrigue. Who among us hasn’t secretly pictured ourselves as the dashing Jim Phelps or Cinnamon Carter?

Then we ask ourselves: how can I ever hope to compare? An elite handful of men and women are called on to save the world. What chance do I have of being one of them?

But there is another team of men and women called to be part of this impossible mission. Their roles are less glamorous, but no less vital. The couriers. The ones called on to deliver the message. In almost every episode, someone was called on to deliver the message. Without them, the heroes would have never learned what they were called to do.

Come to think of it, isn’t that what we as writers are called to do: deliver the message and help people learn what they are called to do? Our television couriers were entrusted with vital information. They received the call and delivered the message as they went about their daily routines. They were trusted to ensure that the right person received it, and they diligently watched for the person for whom the message was intended.

As Christian writers, we are called on to be trustworthy bearers of the best news ever shared with humanity. We are often called as we carry out our daily routines, and we are seldom called to abandon our daily life. We must vigilantly watch for whom we are called to minister to and share the message with them, no matter who they are or how they arrive.

There is one other thing I’ve noticed about those couriers. For every mission, a unique courier with a unique ability to deliver the message was chosen. The people called were as unique as the missions themselves.

Is writing the impossible mission? I suppose it depends on what part you want to play. If you are looking to be among the elite, to live a life full of suspense and glamour, perhaps it is. But if you are looking to be a part of delivering the best message the world has ever heard, God is always looking for more couriers.


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