Monday, December 30, 2013

A Word for 2014

2014 written in sand on the beach*

Hey writers, Annette here. I hope your holiday season has been full of blessings and inspiration. 

Perhaps you’ve already set your goals for the new year. Great! I’m working on mine and enjoying the hope inherent in goal-setting. Hope on this side, satisfaction on the other, and grace if the goals go unmet.

Several years ago, God began giving me a word for each year. One year, it was “courage.” Then, as the year played out, I was amazed at how that word fit what God knew would happen during those twelve months. As God highlighted that word, He highlighted a concept, a way of life. The term helped guide me. It changed me. 

As writers, we love words, don't we? God's given me a few words for 2014, but rather than share them I'd like to hear what He's saying to you. Has God given you a word for 2014 that you’re willing to share? Maybe it’s a phrase, or a promise. I’m grateful He speaks His blessing over us. 

What’s He saying to you? 

*Photo credit: "2014 Text written on the beach" by hin255 from