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My Journey to Publication by Jennifer Delamere

Jennifer Delamere
I know authors who dream of writing screenplays, those who are learning to write them, and those who have been successful. But author Jennifer Delamere has done the reverse and moved from working on screenplays to writing novels. Today she shares how God used one passion to open the door to another and begin her journey to publication. ~ Dawn

My Journey to Publication
by Jennifer Delamere

I came to novel writing in a somewhat roundabout way. Ever since my college days I’ve wanted to write screenplays. Over the years I’ve worked as an editor of business and educational materials, while dabbling in screenwriting pretty much as a hobby. Then in January 2008 I took a vacation day just to contemplate how I might really get serious about pursuing a writing career. In retrospect I can see that I was following the Biblical admonition to “ponder the paths of thy feet.” Certainly there was prayer involved.

On that day I had a thought to visit the website of Blake Snyder, whose books on screenwriting I had found immensely helpful. I was amazed to see that he would be holding one of his superb workshops in Charleston, South Carolina, the following week! These workshops are usually held in Los Angeles, so I never thought I’d be able to attend one. Yet Charleston is an easy half-day’s drive from my home in North Carolina. I knew this was an answer to prayer and signed up immediately. At the workshop I discovered that all of the other attendees were members of Romance Writers of America, and most were published authors. They introduced me to RWA. Since my screenplays were all romantic comedies, I figured writing a romance novel might be right up my alley. When I got home I joined my local RWA chapter. RWA gave me the tools and motivation to turn my ideas into a completed novel.

I did not set out to write an inspirational romance, but as the book progressed I realized that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” My Christian faith is intrinsic to who I am, and so it is bound to come out in my writing. Setting my books in Victorian England made this even easier because Christianity informed the Victorians’ entire world view. (Weaving in these elements was made even easier because the hero of my first book is a clergyman who inherits a title.)

I wanted to include inspirational elements but not short-change the romance and the excitement and sizzle of falling in love. I was aware that it might be too “sexy” for traditional Christian publishers and yet too “PG” for mainstream publishers. I had no way of knowing that a mainstream publisher was in fact currently in search of a book that would hit exactly that tone. That publisher quickly bought my book, which was released last year as An Heiress at Heart. Both mainstream and inspirational romance readers loved the story, and I believe that’s because it has an intriguing plot and a deep, rich romance in addition to sound Christian themes.

And so I am passing on the excellent advice that I received from other authors and which has helped me tremendously: Write the kind of book YOU want to read. Allow God to work within you. As you do, I believe the stories you have to tell will find an audience. Write well, write what you love, and expect great success!

Book signing today!

On Friday, September 27, Jennifer will be doing a book signing in Savannah, Georgia. You’ll find her from 7-8 p.m. at the Barnes and Noble located in the Oglethorpe Mall. If you’re in the area, please stop in and say “hi!”


Jennifer Delamere writes inspirational romance that doesn’t short-change the sizzle. Click to tweet.

Write the kind of book YOU want to read. Click to tweet.

Write well, write what you love, and expect great success! Click to tweet.

Margaret Vaughn is the wealthiest heiress in London—or so everybody thinks. Saddled with debts and facing financial and social humiliation, she finds an unlikely savior in Tom Poole . . . After surviving a shipwreck and amassing a fortune in the gold fields of Australia, Tom Poole is the toast of London society. Yet despite his new found fame, he’s never forgotten his own humble beginnings. When he learns of Margaret’s plight, he offers her financial assistance—but his interest is not strictly business. This rugged adventurer now seeks a different kind of gold. Although many men pursue Margaret’s hand because of her beauty and lands, can Tom convince her it’s her heart he’s after?

The youngest child of a Navy pilot and a journalist, Jennifer Delamere acquired a love of adventure and an excitement for learning that continues to this day. She’s lived in three countries and traveled throughout the United States. Her debut novel An Heiress at Heart was chosen by Grand Central Publishing to be the first inspirational romance for their Forever imprint and was nominated for the Romance Writers of America RITA® Award. Her second novel, A Lady Most Lovely, will be released September 24, 2013 and has already earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Jennifer loves reading classics and histories, which she mines for the vivid details to bring to life the people and places in her books. 

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  1. What a wonderful journey to publication, Jennifer. So faith-filled, an inspiration in itself! the cover is gorgeous, and after reading the blurb, I know the story inside will be, too. God bless.

  2. Write what we love to read...a great reminder, Jennifer. Sometimes I'm tempted to write what's selling now, and I know that's not what will bring me happiness or publishing success. God is still in charge.

  3. Tanya and Sandra, thank you for the lovely comments! It is always exciting to look for ways that God is working with us in every situation, including when we sit down to write. I hope what I've shared will inspire others to move ahead boldly with their writing.


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