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Writing by Faith by Becky Wade

Becky Wade
The Christian writing community is one that offers support. We cheer each other on when the going gets a little rough. But what happens when we sit at our computers alone? Author Becky Wade shares encouragement for those days when discouragement tries to make  a home within our hearts. 
~ Dawn

Writing by Faith
by Becky Wade

  Writing is daunting.

There are times when I'm certain my w.i.p. is drivel. Times when I'm not sure how the storyline should play out. Times, during revisions, when I doubt whether I'll be able to make the book as good as I long for it to be. Times, once it goes to print, when I doubt whether anyone other than me will like it.

Some of you may be doubting if you'll ever be able to find an agent or snag a publishing contract.

Over the years God has had to gently, repeatedly, inexorably remind me of this truth: I may be daunted, but He is not.

He's not frozen by doubt. He's not afraid. He has a plan and He's only waiting on my willingness to be His vessel. God can accomplish exactly what He wants to accomplish through me, through you.

As writers of Christian fiction, our job, at its core, is simply this. To walk by faith. Or, in our case, to write by faith. 2 Corinthians 5:7 says, "For we walk by faith not by sight."


Have you heard God call you to write novels? Then write! In order for something to happen, we must first do the action. Writing is challenging. There will be worries, trials, moments of utter frustration and heartache. But God meets the writer who shows up at her keyboard and pushes up her sleeves. He can do nothing in the life of the author who hears the call, is full of faith, yet doesn't have the perseverance to finish her manuscript—or quits because she can't handle rejection—or stalls because she can't find the time.


Faith in what? That we'll one day be published? Hit bestseller lists? Earn a fortune?

No. Our faith is in the character and the will of our Father. Money, career achievement, and fame are not the reward of our calling. The reward "that neither moth nor rust destroys, that thieves cannot break in and steal" (Matt 6:19) is the joy and satisfaction that comes from completing the work God has set before us.


What is more invisible than an unwritten novel? When we open our computer document to fill the day's pages, there is literally nothing there to see. May the blank screen serve as God's reminder to us that unlike the non-believers around us, we are not to act based on what we see. Job 37:5 says, "He does great things which we cannot comprehend." Much of what God is doing through our writing we will not understand until we get to heaven.

To me, this writing career is like walking along a gangplank. There's safety behind. Below, raging waters full of danger. Before, only uncertainty and empty air. Every time I come to my manuscript, God beckons me forward. If I try to walk by sight, I'll find myself either drowning or cowering.

 But if I walk by faith, stepping forward into thin air, trusting the One who instructed me to walk, then I've discovered that—amazingly, wondrously—God lengthens the gangplank just that little bit further each time. My foot hits secure wood. Every step I take gives Him an opportunity to support my weight.

When I encounter doubts, I'm learning to trust the process. Or, rather, to trust God's process of writing books through me.

He who beckons is faithful!

What part of your writing life most challenges your faith? Has God proven Himself reliable?


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Becky Wade makes her home in Dallas, Texas with her husband, three children, and one adoring (and adored) cavalier spaniel. Her CBA debut, My Stubborn Heart, was released by Bethany House last spring. Her next contemporary romance, Undeniably Yours, will hit shelves in May.

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  1. Thanks, Becky and Dawn. I really needed this in particular today. Your words are encouraging. I'm repeating to myself, "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world." We writers have such an awesome honor and responsibility to be ambassadors for Christ in our writing and even though I know it makes me vulnerable to attack from the outside world, it's hard when it hits. But He sustains me, and I will keep plugging away with the prayer that my books will bless a heart or two along the way. Many blessings, and happy Friday!

    1. I love the verse you quoted, JoAnn! The heroine in my next novel actually thinks it to herself at one point in the story. The very same verse!

  2. Amen! Struggling with doubts is really something I have to work at giving over to God on a daily basis. Thanks so much for sharing such an encouraging post, Becky. Needed it today. :-)

  3. Dora, I have to give it over to God on a daily basis, too. I hit my knees before I write every single time.

    I'd like to thank Dawn Kinzer for inviting me to guest blog here on Seriously Write. I appreciate it, Dawn! It's a treat for me to join you ladies.

    Warmly, Becky

    1. Thank YOU, Becky. Like JoAnn and Dora, this post struck a chord with me. When going through tough times, the song "Walk by Faith" by the Christian band Out of the Grey often comes to mind. I never thought about the song's relevance to my writing until reading your article.

  4. Oh, how I love this: "He's not frozen by doubt. He's not afraid. He has a plan and He's only waiting on my willingness to be His vessel. God can accomplish exactly what He wants to accomplish through me, through you."

    What gets me is how God has proven himself reliable over and over in my life...and yet I still slip into doubt and fear from time to time...and then I get mad at myself for letting it happen. :) But I love that He always pulls us back, sends us encouragement when we need it and will even breathe a good dose of gumption and energy into us to keep us going. :)

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Jill. You blessed and encouraged me with your words because yes, as hard as it is sometimes, I do believe this writing work is about the journey. Sometimes the one God is ministering to through our writing IS the writer. It's beautiful to read about the way He honored your obedience with renewed love for the work.

  5. I love it, Becky, thank you! And it doesn't get any easier with each new step (despite the fact we think we'll relax when we finally get that agent, or that book contract, or that book on the shelves...)

    One of my favorite verses: "And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns." -Phil 1:6

    I know this verse refers to our salvation, but I also take it to mean that whatever plans God has for us, they are HIS plans and HIS work. We just have to be willing to listen to His voice and have the faith to carry it out. If that's not the writing life, I don't know what is.

    1. Thank you for sharing that verse, Carla. It's one that I've prayed back to God specifically over my writing, believing that He who began the novel in my imagination will continue His work until it's finished.

  6. great words of encouragement. thank you.

  7. Thanks, Becky, for this reminders and encouraging words.

  8. Do you know how encouraging I find this??

    First of all, I have a hard time believing anyone who can write a book as good as My Stubborn Heart could ever doubt her writing abilities--I know, I know!! I think it's much easier for me to believe in other people's writing than it is my own. :)

    Second, I am so with you on being faithful. I've been tempted to throw in the towel when my repeated attempts have not resulted in the success I longed for. Last fall, I wrote a book and every single day I had to force myself to write it. I knew the book was good--but I had no idea if this would join the other ten books I have sitting on memory cards! When I finally typed the end, I almost cried because that book was about being faithful. It was about writing with no guarantees. It was about answering that call.

    God blessed me with a renewed optimism and love for writing this January. For me, it's finally become about the journey. I dare not glance long at my goal of being published for fear of getting off track. :) It's too easy to lose my joy!

  9. Oh, Becky. You had me at "There are times when I'm certain my w.i.p. is drivel." Yes, some days are tough and I am a slow learner when it comes to walking (and writing) by faith. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. You're welcome, Stephanie! Good to see you here.

  10. What part of your writing life most challenges your faith?

    Short answer... all of it!

    Has God proven Himself reliable?

    Most definitely.

    The most amazing things happen when I sit down at the keyboard and give the process to God. I could tell you of the days I sat down with nothing at all to write, but have given to God what I have (time and fingers to type) and have ended up with a brand new chapter or two.

    Or of other days when I write until the writing well is dry and I'm sure there's nothing left, only to discover a brand new spring the next day.

    I've come to the conclusion through all of this that I'm just a vessel. The real storytelling comes from the Giver of All Good Ideas.

    1. Yes! I often think of myself as a vessel. You've articulated it beautifully.

  11. Becky, thanks for helping to reshape my focus: not on where my writing is taking me, and when, but where He is taking me.

    1. Sooo well said! It's takes a constant reshaping of my focus also, Elaine.


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