Monday, December 31, 2012

Pulling that Project Back Out

file cabinet

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Annette here. We hope you’ve had an enjoyable holiday season. Have you found any time to write? I’ve been trying to squeeze in a few moments here and there.

This time of year, I’m drawn to work on my Christmas story. You know, the one I’ve got sitting in the proverbial drawer. The one that still needs work. Okay, a lot of work.

Do you have projects you’ve put away for now, or for good? I’m guessing we all do.

So, how do you know when to bring those back out of the “drawer,” or back up on your computer screen? 

Here are some tips, if you have a choice of when to bring it back out:
  • Pray. God will show you when it’s time to work on different projects.
  • Wait. Sometimes we put manuscripts or stories away because the message isn’t strong enough or we’re no longer feeling as passionately about the theme. Maybe we need more life experience before we tackle that story again. No shame in that. Just put it away and get it back out when you feel prompted to. With all the things you’ve learned, you’ll be better able to infuse that theme with fresh life. 
What if I have a deadline?

There are times we’re on contract and the book is due on a certain date, no matter what. But our inspiration may have run dry, or our muse has gone missing. What then?
  • Get some outside help. Call up a writing bud and brainstorm. Sometimes just talking out the project will bring the light bulb moment.
  • Take a walk. Just having a break from the computer can help us think through the trouble on our own.
  • Find a good editor. If you have time, contact an editor who can help you analyze the story and give you constructive feedback.
  • Google writing articles. I’ve been amazed at how God has provided just the insight or instruction I’ve needed in the moment I needed it.
And if all else fails, or you’re too pressed for time for an editor’s help, refer back to my first bullet point above.

And remember, we’re here to support you, to encourage you. Feel free to search this blog for posts that might speak to the area you’re concerned about. You are not alone in your writing journey!

Your turn:
What are some clues in your writing life that told you it was time to bring out an old project?

How have you overcome a block when you’re on deadline? 

Photo credit: Photo from Photo by: John Kasawa