Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Series 2012: Everybody Loves Mickey by Therese M. Travis

Everybody Loves Mickey by Therese M.Travis
One more week until Christmas! Let's keep the holiday festivities going with today's interview with Therese M. Travis as she discusses her Christmas romantic novella, Everybody Loves Mickey. Enjoy! ~ Annette   

What makes your Christmas (compilation/novel) different than others you’ve seen or read? 

There’s a lot of attitude going on. These characters are real, and get sarcastic in their frustration, but for all that, they’re loveable. 

What genre is your story? 

Short romance 

Tell us how your story come about. 

It started with the title, and Aubrey just took over from there, dragging Mickey along. 

What time of year did you write it and how did you motivate yourself to write a Christmas novel at that time of year? 

Spring. But I love Christmastime so it wasn’t any stretch for me to set a story at that time. 

What’s next for you in writing? Will you do more Christmas stories?

Working on three right now. One is a mystery set on Catalina Island. One is a YA, and one is set in Pasadena CA. I have a YA coming out with Watershed soon. 

Everybody Loves Mickey released December 5th from Pelican Book Group as part of their Holiday Extravaganza. This story only comes in e-book format and during December, you can download it for $0.99.

He’s a saint with a tarnished halo, and Aubrey Thomas can’t stand him…or can she?

Handsome fireman, Mickey Hurst is loved by all. He volunteers at the local parish where Aubrey Thomas works as an administrator. He sings in the choir. He leads the youth group. He even acts as the church handyman, but Aubrey knew him before he became Saint Mickey—when he told her he’d have to be drunk to kiss her…and he was. What’s so infuriating is that despite his horrible admission, Aubrey loves Mickey as much as everybody else.

Mickey doesn’t blame Aubrey for disliking him. After all, he kissed her when he wasn’t sober—and insulted her, to boot. Aubrey deserved a better man—a godly man. But, since that fateful kiss, Mickey’s drawn closer to the Lord. With the intercession of God and the matchmaking parish staff, Mickey prays that this Christmas he will be able to prove to Aubrey he’s now the man for her.