Friday, November 23, 2012

Sometimes to Write, You Must Fight by Debra Clopton

Does it ever feel like the journey to publication involves one battle after another? You’re not alone. Author Debra Clopton shares her heart and advice on how to win those battles that threaten to rob you of the joy you receive, and the ministry you provide through the written word. ~ Dawn

Sometimes to Write, 
You Must Fight
by Debra Clopton

Debra Clopton saying hello and that I'm excited to be invited to share here at Seriously Write. Thanks for inviting me, Dawn. I wanted to write something funny, but God placed something serious on my heart to share. Did you know that writing to make people laugh and remember God's goodness in their lives is not always an easy thing to do? Well, it’s true. And that's what I want to talk to you about today.

Have you ever needed to write but you can't because you are too distracted, or there is a family crisis, or it seems just one thing after the other is getting you down, and your mind is so tied up in knots that you can do nothing but worry? Or like me, you’re trying to write something funny and you aren’t feeling the least bit funny, maybe you feel more like crying?

That’s when it’s time to pull on the gloves and fight back!   

Here’s how I have a boxing match—and I am not crazy, I promise! It works.

Step One: Pray—get alone with God and ask him to help you with whatever is going on. I go for long walks in our back pasture where no one is around and I talk out loud. Remind yourself that you are GOD’s and that you want to be a blessing to others. Pray hard and talk honestly and openly to God about how you are feeling. I usually start my talk by asking for forgiveness, because I often realize that I’ve gotten off path with him somewhere in the craziness and have taken my eyes off of God. Now, put on the full armor of your Lord and move on to step two.

Step Two: Pull on those gloves—it’s time to fight—Satan wants to fog your mind like a dark cloud closes out the light, and he loves, loves, loves messing with your mind and stealing your joy. He needs to be put in his place—so, in the name of Jesus, rebuke Satan and any power you’ve allowed him to have in your life. A wise, older friend told me once that Satan can’t read your mind like God can, so for him to hear you during this verbal boxing match you must say it out loud…I can assure you he hears me loud and clear during this time. Rebuke Satan and remind him who you belong to! Tell “the enemy” to get away from you, you can even use Jesus’s own words—“Get thee behind me Satan.” Make Satan powerless over you by putting him in his place and out of your head. Make sure he knows you are serious.

 Last Step: After the battle, spend some quiet time letting the relief and calm of expressing your feelings wash over you. Let God speak to you in this clear state of mind. Now that you’ve used God’s power in your life you should be feeling much better…yes, your troubles may still be there, but you have reminded Satan, as well as yourself, that God is by your side, you are not alone. Ask God to fill your mind with his directions in all aspects of your life and work.

And then, get up and go write. I promise you are going to feel so much better—but keep the gloves handy because the more you do to bring God’s light into the world, the more Satan is going to try to still your joy and peace of mind. But God has equipped you for the fight—you are not alone.  

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Debra Clopton is an award winning, multi-published novelist. Debra lives in the heart of Texas cowboy country. Though she has numerous awards her greatest awards are her family, and she feels blessed to have a career that enables her to visit them often—have computer, will travel! Along with her writing, Debra helps her husband teach the youth at their local Cowboy Church.  She is the author of the award winning Mule Hollow series (21 books) through Love Inspired imprint, the place readers tell her they wish was real. Her new Cowboys of Sunrise Ranch series with Love Inspired is set on a working cattle ranch that is also a foster home for 16 abandoned boys. Book 1 of the series HER UNFORGETABLE COWBOY is coming May 2013. Also, her 1800’s novella, AN EVER AFTER SUMMER in the anthology collection coming from Thomas Nelson titled A BRIDE FOR ALL SEASONS, with Mary Connealy, Margaret Brownley and Robin Lee Hatcher will be on shelves June 2013. You can find all 21 of Debra’s Mule Hollow series in digital form online. Debra writes stories to help you meet life with a smile.

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