Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 Series: Snowflake Sweethearts by Carrie Turansky

Good morning, everyone! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for, don't we? Today, we continue our Christmas 2012 release interviews with special guest, Carrie Turansky. Read on as she discusses her latest release, Snowflake Sweethearts! ~ Annette

What makes your Christmas novel different than others you've seen or read?

Snowflake Sweethearts is set in an actual town, Fairhaven, which is the lovely historical section of Bellingham, Washington. It is the third in a series of Love Inspired books set there and includes a fun group of senior-age matchmakers who appear in each book. The story takes place September through the Christmas Season. I suppose I'd say the unique characters make the story different than others I've read. The Northwest is also a less common setting. 

What genre is your story?

Snowflake Sweethearts is a contemporary inspirational romance. 

How did the story come about?

The ideas for the characters and story came to mind as I researched Fairhaven and brainstormed with my author friends, Terri Gillespie and Cathy Gohlke. They helped me refine my ideas and come up with my plot. 

What time of year did you write it, and how did you motivate yourself to write a Christmas novel at that of year?

I wrote it between August and and March 1, so it helped that the holiday season fell in the middle of writing the book. I played a lot of instrumental Christmas music to help me stay in the Christmas mood for writing. 

What's next in your writing? 

I am writing a three-book historical romance series set in England beginning in 1910 through World War 1. The working title for the first book is The Governess of Highland Hall. I've loved researching the Edwardian time period, and I even took a trip to England last summer to see the homes and countryside firsthand. When people ask me to describe the first book, I say it's like Downton Abbey meets Jane Eyre with a little Sound of Music thrown in. I have had interest from several publishers and hope to have a contract soon.  

Thanks for visiting Seriously Write today, Carrie! 

Thanks, Annette!  I appreciate this opportunity to connect with readers who enjoy holiday stories. Merry Christmas and Happy Reading to all!

In Snowflake Sweethearts - Travel back to Fairhaven, Washington, with single mom and personal chef Annie Romano. Annie has never forgotten the man she secretly loved as a teenager, and when he asks her to be the live-in caretaker for his ailing grandmother, she changes her plans and agrees. As the holiday season approaches Alex's grandmother, her matchmaking friends and one fatherless little girl are soon pulling at Annie's and Alex's heartstrings...just in time for a very special Christmas. I hope readers will enjoy this third and final book in the Bayside Treasure Series.

To learn more about Carrie, you can connect with her here:

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  1. Blessings on the Christmas release, Carrie. Always my favorite time of year for a setting. And as for the next series...Sound of Music, Downton, and Jane Eyre: be still my heart! God bless.

  2. Hi Tanya, thanks for your kind comments. I love to read and write stories set during the Christmas season! I am having a lot of fun writing that next book too! Happy reading and Merry Christmas to you!


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