Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Writer's World by Dora Hiers

Hi. I'm Dora Hiers, the newest team member of Seriously Write. Welcome to my writing world. Come on in.

Would you like some CafĂ© con Leche? It’s one of my faves. Here you go. 

Do you like it? Yeah, it’s strong, but when your alarm goes off at five-thirty, you need something to kick-start that old motor.

My office isn’t too neat, is it? But it’s organized the way I like it, with things I need at my fingertips, like my laptop, printer, manuscript folders, and ALWAYS something to drink. Usually coffee, but when the temperature escalates, I enjoy diet soda or iced tea.

And this mess doesn’t compare to the chaos floating around in my head. Characters, plots, scene ideas. Wish I had some way to file those or turn them off at night. I do my best with sticky notes. Smart phone apps like Voice Recorder and Color Note work great for those ideas that wake me up or when my dog walks me around the park.

Some writers like music. Not me. The only music I listen to is the hum of the ceiling fan or Bruiser’s soft snore. This afternoon, I enjoyed rumbles of thunder and the soft rhythm from raindrops. Bruiser isn’t too fond of thunder.  

Isn’t he adorable? He’s not too sure of his new thundershirt, but since he hasn’t bolted for the shower stall upstairs, it seems to be working.

A few times a month, my office doubles as a daycare. Our grandson claims to be sick, but I think he just wants a day with Meme. On those days, I only get work done when this happens: 

I’m a routine kinda gal. You won’t find me huddled over my laptop at my favorite coffee shop. Sometimes, though, I can’t resist taking my laptop out onto the deck. 

Inspiring, don’t you think?

Occasionally, a wild turkey meanders through the yard. Or a fox. Or the five ducks that live on the lake beyond the fence. At different times, of course. There must be a “no passing” sign back there. Can you see the turkey in the middle of the picture? 

And the squirrels can be quite entertaining. Caught one of these little guys draining the hummingbird feeder, and he had the nerve to play dead. Did he think I wouldn’t notice the empty feeder? Never mind that he has his own feeder on the fence. Guess he just needed a drink. It’s no wonder animals play a huge role in my books.

I hope you enjoyed this visit into my writing world. Stop by anytime, won’t you? Next time I’ll brew some Island Coconut coffee. Mmmm…

What about your writing world?
Where is your favorite spot to write?


  1. Love looking into your world, Dora! I'm a caffeine-fiend, myself. Love a cafe con leche, but I've been fancying a pumpkin spice latte to celebrate Fall. I'll bring the pumpkin pie spice.

    I've got deer and turkey wandering through my world, too. And right now I'm puppy-sitting for my mom, so there are two dogs in my lap and two others on the floor. I really need a play-pen for them!

    Thanks for sharing with us and I'm so glad you're part of the SW team!

    1. Mmmm...I can just smell the pumpkin spice latte. Sounds great!

      Yowzee, four dogs? How do you manage? Yesterday, Bruiser kept flashing me the evil eye because he didn't get his walk. Actually made me feel guilty. Grrr...will have to make it up to him today.

      Thanks for the warm welcome, Angie. I'm thrilled to be part of the Seriously Write team!

  2. Love taking a peek into your world, Dora. Like you and Angie, I'm a caffeine fiend.

    My writing space is cluttered. No wildlife to gaze at out my windows but I do have a wide variety of perennials - flowers from April to October.

    Best wishes for a great time with your new blog venture!

    1. Tammy, I LOVE the flower pictures you post. They're spectacular! You must have the most amazing back yard. I would probably spend all my time gazing out the window. How do you get any work done??

      Congrats on your recent e-book release of Celtic Cross! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Welcome aboard, Dora! Birds and squirrels keep life interesting outside my window. Love your deck. I'd be out there too, whenever possible. Happy writing and thanks for this peek into your writing world!

    1. Thank you, Annette. I'm thrilled to be here. :-)

  4. Fun post, Dora! Thanks for sharing the photos! We're so thrilled to have you a part of our SW team. I'm a strong coffee fan, too, and usually add flavored creamer. I've been using vanilla cinnamon, but need to switch over to the yummy seasonal flavors available.

    Love your deck! I'm fortunate enough to have lots of windows in my office, so I'm entertained by the birds and squirrels too.

    1. Hey, Dawn! Thank you for making me feel right at home here. You and Angie are angels, blessing me with all your techie assistance. I appreciate you all so much!

      Thanks for stopping by today. :-)

  5. Dora, honey, you had me at pumpkin spiced latte! Your writing world is just how I would picture it, full of comfort, beauty and heart...just like you! When am I gonna' see you again?!!?!?!? :-) God bless, and keep up the fabulous writing - you're amazing! <3

    1. Awwww, Marianne, what a sweetie! Thank you.

      My home is all of the above, and you are always welcome to visit. NC is the promised land, a little slice of heaven on earth. What do you say? :-)

      Congrats on tomorrow's release of DEVOTION! Celebrate, it's a powerful story and a gem of a romance!! I'm so happy for you!

  6. Hi Dora, I love cafe con leche! My husband bought me a beautiful desk for Christmas last year but I don't think I've used it more than 3 or 4 times. I am most comfy at my kitchen counter or in my back yard. You're right, the outdoors are inspiring! Thanks for allowing us a glimpse into your writing world:)


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