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Christmas 2012 Series: Postmark: Christmas

Question for you, dear reader-writers: How many Christmas stories have you read so far this fall? Maybe none. Maybe you wait until a bit closer to the big day. Because I'm a reviewer, I've read two so far. They always help me anticipate the beautiful Christmas season. Today we're launching a Christmas story series for Mondays through to the New Year. We'll feature interviews with authors of holiday books due out this Christmas season. So, I know it's a little early, but light a cinnamon candle, grab a pumpkin latte, and let's check in with
Darlene Franklin, one of the authors of Postmark: Christmas, a novella compilation from Barbour. Enjoy! ~ Annette

First, welcome, Darlene! Please share a bit about the book, Postmark Christmas

The holidays are stamped for love in Christmas, Florida. While keeping her eye open for her next job lead, will nomadic event planner Stella find romance instead? How will one retired major change war widow Randi’s postcard-sending mission? Can photographer David Levine draw shy Gabi Archer out of her shell? Will retired police officer Rick Stanton be able to steal postmistress Edie Hathaway’s heart?

Postmark: Christmas is contemporary romance.The authors on the compilation are:  Paige Winship Dooly, Darlene Franklin, Kathleen E. Kovach, and Paula Moldenhauer. How did the compilation come about?

I turned to people with a working knowledge of Florida. First, Paige Winship Dooley, a resident of Miramar Beach, joined me. Next I invited Kathy Kovach, who wrote part of the contemporary Florida volume, Florida Weddings. In turn, Kathy invited new-to-fiction author, Paula Moldenhauer. It didn’t hurt that I knew Kathy and Paula from my years in Colorado! We had a reunion of sorts.

What makes your Christmas compilation different than others you’ve seen or read?

The setting—Christmas, Florida—isn’t your typical snowy Christmas scene, although we do add a snow machine at the Christmas festival for those who must have snow with their Christmas. The use of the post office is another unusual angle. Several years ago, I saw a news story about the post office in Christmas that would postmark Christmas mail with “Merry Christmas, Christmas, Florida.” The idea of using that post office as a setting for a Christmas novella immediately appealed to me. We also sought to have a variety of ages among the heroes and heroines. Love can happen at any age!

What time of year did you write it and how did you motivate yourself to write a Christmas novel at that time of year?

Becky Germany (the Barbour editor who offered us the contract) made us wait until the ACFW conference in late September, because she wanted to introduce Paula as the recipient of a first-time fiction contract. The manuscripts were due on February 1st. So we got to write the stories during the Christmas season. Becky is good about that! 

I remember Paula receiving that contract. What a moment! Nice of Becky to give you the "assignment" during the season. What’s next for you in writing? Will you do more Christmas stories?
I hope to write more Christmas stories! But nothing slated for Christmas 2013 at this time. Next year I’ll have three books in the Maple Notch Dreams series published in the new Heartsong book club from Harlequin. Those are historical romances set in northern Vermont from 1927-1942. I also have more novellas coming out next year: all four stories in Calico Brides (June 2013) and Angel in Disguise in Texas Brides (May 2013).
It's been delightful hosting you today. Congratulations to you and the team!

To learn more about Postmark Christmas or these authors, visit Barbour's website.  See you next Monday for another great Christmas book feature!

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  1. So great to see more of your books Darlene, and enjoyed your interview!

  2. Ooh, I've always loved the idea of writing a Christmas story during the holidays! Can't wait to see the book! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Kathleen, Debra!

  4. Great article, Darlene. The book sounds lovely. And what a great group of talented writers!

  5. What a fun interview! Thank you for hosting us!

    1. Thanks, Paula! Glad to feature your book. Congratulations again!!


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