Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do I Really Need to Blog, Part 1 by Tyora Moody

Today's topic, "Do I Really Need to Blog," contains so much good info that I'll be sharing part one this today and the second part on Tuesday. Get your notebook and pen! ~ Angie

Have you experienced the excitement of launching a blog? Maybe you were pretty consistent and found writing the blog posts to be fun.  Then, a few weeks go by and then a few months, and you aren’t thinking about blogging. Life just took over.  Like writing a book, blogging does take discipline. It’s within the discipline of blogging, you not only grow as a writer, but you are developing your author platform.

Do I really need to blog? Let’s think about this question this way. When you examine most author websites, they have pages for their books, a bio, events calendar, etc.  The pages are pretty static until the author or their webmaster adds new content. In that sense, the website can be kind of boring to a reader who’s already visited several times. A blog is the one main areas of a website that can change or be updated with consistency.

As you blog each week, you are creating an opportunity to connect, update and share with your readers or potential readers. If you have a certain niche or topic that you write about in your books, a blog offers a great way to attract an audience. Many authors will use blogs to help other writers by posting about their personal publishing journey or writing tips.

If writing daily or several times a week for a blog doesn’t appeal to you, consider video blogging. Videos are really easy to create these days via a webcam or your smartphone camera. Another alternative is to start a blog with a group of writers or authors. Each contributing writer can be assigned one day a week (or month) to add a blog post. Some existing group-authored blogs may offer guest blog opportunities like Seriously Write.

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Tyora Moody is an author and entrepreneur. Her debut novel, When Rain Falls, was released March 2012. The second book in the Victory Gospel Series, When Memories Fade, will be released in March 2013. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). Visit the author online at