Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ask O: The Best Part about Romance

Happy Fourth of July! 

Now back to romance. 

I suppose you've guessed my favorite part of romance--both those I read and write. What else? What thrills my Christian-author heart most is, of course, the parallel with my Jesus's love. No romance makes me sigh more than my faithful Savior's loving embrace. No hero possesses my dear Christ's heroic qualities. No love never ends, no love but His. So what other aspect of the Christian romance novel would be my favorite?

Despite it's inherent limitations, a romance novel can hint at the divine romance, don't you think? My novels can't perfectly depict Christ's unfathomable love and flawless character. After all, our heroes must be flawed to seem real. But singing behind Hero's forbearance with Heroine's fears, or his patiently waiting for her with purity and grace, or his revealing her deepest need for healing--echoes my dear Heavenly Husband who does all those things for me. 

Even my poor protagonists' obstacles remind me of our love-journey with the Savior. Their tragedies, failures, and disappointments ultimately push them together and prepare them for the happy ending, just as life's turbulence does for our relationship with Christ. 

But most of all, the happy ending. Hero taking Heroine's hand and leading her to a happy future. I believe this satisfies because of our innate longing for a husband to pick us, to shelter and keep us, to delight in us, and to lead us safely home. 

Yeah, that's definitely the best part. 

What other aspects of the Christian journey do you see reflected in romance? I'd LOVE to hear. 

God bless you, my writing friends! 


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  1. Hello,
    I know this is late, but I just saw your post. I really enjoyed reading about how to write romances, and I am currently attempting a manuscript of my own. Thanks for the advice!
    I would say that another aspect of the Christian journey you can see in romance is the nature of God. I've heard it said that man's best qualities can also be found in God, and likewise, woman's best qualities can be found in God too. So if you want a more complete picture of who God is, then you need to look at a marriage... at least how a marriage is supposed to look!


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