Thursday, July 21, 2011

This-n-That Thursday Launch

Husband Material, e-book Dollar Download, by Annette M. Irby

Hey readers! It’s our first This-n-That Thursday here on Seriously Write. Along with other changes we’re making this month, we’ve added a rotating day where each of your hostesses share whatever we like. I wanted to launch by sharing what I’m writing. Ready for a story?

Last February, I went to writers’ conference where e-book discussions were all the buzz. And I learned a lot more about this trend. So, I came home and felt led to jump deeper into the e-book waters.

Let’s stop there and chat. What are you impression on e-books? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Here to stay? Or not? Do you enjoy reading them? Do you prefer reading them? Have you ever read one?

It’s probably the Lord’s timing, but just before heading off to that conference, I had purchased a Kindle, so reading e-books was more enjoyable than ever. (Prior to that I had only read them via Amazon’s free Kindle for PC downloadable app.—highly recommended by the way, but raise your hand if you too spend far too much time in front of your computer and would rather read using another mode. Yeah, that's where I'm at as well.) Now that I’ve made the switch, it’s difficult for me to go back to reading anything else. (i.e. paperbacks or hardcovers)

For example, the other day I picked up a small trade paperback. Ugh! Just opening that little book enough to read near the binding was giving me fits! I couldn’t fold back the sides because it’s too small, my hands were aching from working so hard to bend it out of my way. I’d much prefer to prop my Kindle up at a good angle and click to turn the easy-to-read screens (pages). Love it!

Back to my story, so I came home from that conference and got to plotting what White Rose Publishing calls a Dollar Download. First, I read one to get the feel. With an upper word count limit of 6,000 – 8,000 words, this is one short romance! ;) So I wanted to make sure I could get the “formula” down.

Then, I set aside two hours a day, three days a week to write it. By the end of 30 days, I had written my first Dollar Download. Then, I polished it and sent it off to the same place that published my first e-book/paperback (Love Letters)—White Rose. My editor loved it. (Thank You, God.) Husband Material releases tomorrow, July 22, 2011!! Visit White Rose Publishing for more details.

So what am I working on now? Another Dollar Download, plus a couple of projects for the upcoming ACFW conference.

Let's chat: What are you working on? And feel free to chime in on the e-book discussion!

Love you guys!


  1. I’ll admit I fought the whole e-book wave for awhile. I didn’t want to let go of holding an actual book and turning the pages. But, realizing I need to keep up with what’s happening in the industry, I asked for a Kindle last Christmas. I love it! It’s great to have a whole library that I can easily take with me wherever I go.

    What am I working on? I’ve been finishing up revisions on a 90K contemporary romance that I’ll be pitching at the ACFW conference in September. :-D

  2. Hey Annette. Glad I found you here through Angie. Congrats on the release of HUSBAND MATERIAL. Looks fabulous! And for only $1??

    I'm with you. Hate reading on my laptop, so I talked my hubby into buying an i-Pad. But who do you think sits with it on his lap every night? So much for reading on it...sigh.

    JOURNEY'S END released with WRP in May. Thanks so much for your help polishing! Never knew POV issues could be so tricky!

  3. Hey Dora, thanks for your kind comments. Glad to see you over here. I enjoyed writing HM because it gave me an opportunity to be really succinct (only 8,000 words). Ask my critique buddies, I can be wordy. ;)

    How funny your DH won't relinquish the iPad. Who knew these "toys" (e-readers, etc.) could be so much fun?

    Glad I could help on Journey's End. :D Write on!

  4. When you finish this 90K project, Dawn, let's talk about you writing an e-book... tee hee

  5. I may just have to tackle it, Annette! :-D Writing something shorter than 90K might be refreshing!


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