Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey everyone, it's our last Net's Notations Tuesday. Annette here. Don't worry. I'll be interspersing my thoughts and articles/devotionals among other Mixing-It-Up Monday posts in the future. Today, let's talk about rest.

It’s summer! Time to think about packing for some getaways. I always take the same journal with me on vacation. It’s a guided journal for Christian creative types. Every summer, year after year, I jot down my entries. The rest of the year, I don’t even touch it. There’s something about beach lounging and creative writing that refreshes me. How about you?

What refreshes you?

And why do we wait until summer before we take much-needed breaks?

Recently, I found myself in Seattle for an entire day. No laptop. Spotty internet access on my smart phone. Few options. But I had my Kindle with me, with the Psalms from the Message Bible, and I had my homework with me. (I’m taking a class through church.) Between the two of those books, a tiny conference room, a gorgeous view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, I spent some glorious hours with the Lord… recharging.

He knows I’ve spent 10-12 hour days in my writing office lately.

He knows last weekend didn’t include the usual rest (awesome church activities kept us busy).

He knew where to lead this daughter, even when the plan surprised me.

He’s our Shepherd, our Good Shepherd, and He will lead us “beside still waters” and He will “restore our souls.” Even when we don’t realize where He's taking us.
Then, the day after that surprising Seattle trip, He gave me a fantastic idea for a future project.

Refreshing leads to new creativity. And writers need that downtime to recharge in order to keep working those brain muscles we creative types overwork. *wink*

So, how can you recharge? Doesn’t have to cost anything. Just visit the local park, take a walk someplace inspiring, go swimming. Give yourself permission to get away from the computer, the deadlines, the routine. Watch for opportunities to recharge. Don’t be frustrated when things don’t go your way. He’s got something planned, some surprise He’s working out. Go with Him. Trust Him. Let Him recharge you.

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