Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Arenas

New Arenas
Turning the Pages Series
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Last month, a few friends, my husband, and I attended a booksigning with James Rubart (Jim to his friends), author of Rooms and William Paul Young (Paul to his friends), the author of The Shack. Jim’s a friendly guy, whom I believe never meets a stranger. And Paul? He’s a down-to-earth, humble hugger. After he signs your book, he hugs you. *grin*

Got me thinking. A couple years ago, I don’t suppose Jim imagined he’d be spending a day with Paul Young, signing books at the same table, after occupying the same stage. Because his book Rooms has been so successful, he’s had access to more public arenas in 2010 than perhaps he’s had all along as a writer. (Thanks, Jim, for letting me use you as an example. *smile*) New arenas have affected his writing life, opening up his sphere of influence. And his writing opened up these new arenas in his life.

I attended my first Mt. Hermon conference in 2005, I didn’t know many people. In fact, it’s probably safe to say, I only knew a handful of fellow conferees. I didn't yet belong to ACFW. Never attended a large writer’s conference. Okay. I knew Steve Laube. He’d been at a small-scale conference in Seattle as an editor (then).

But now, through ACFW, Facebook, blogging and book reviewing, I’ve met many, many Christian writers. Just ask Dawn, recruiting for Seriously Write keeps us connected, networked.

I found my first book publishing opportunity through ACFW. See that? New arenas opened up new writing opportunities. After that book was published, I was able to participate in a huge booksigning at the Mall of America a couple of years ago. Writing leads to new arenas.

Same’s true in your life. You meet up with your critique partners and suddenly your writing isn’t just yours anymore. I joke with my McCritters (Dawn and Ocieanna are two of them) that all our names should grace the covers of my books one day. *chuckle*

Another arena may be speaking engagements. Perhaps you started as a writer, but now you also have a speaking ministry.

New arenas affect our writing and our writing brings us into new arenas. It’s another way God turns the pages of our writing lives, keeping things interesting, connecting His kids, giving us fellowship with other writers, as well as readers.

And now, taking center stage of the arena: you!


  1. Annette: Love your graphic! Yes, the new arenas are part of the joy of this journey. . .preparing us for the biggest arena of all one day. Enjoyed your post. Glad I stopped by.

    Janet Bly

  2. Me, too, Janet. Thanks! Appreciate your kind words. God bless you and Steve!


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